Brucella canis and HSE reports in 2023

Ms Buckley made this Freedom of Information request to Health and Safety Executive Automatic anti-spam measures are in place for this older request. Please let us know if a further response is expected or if you are having trouble responding.

The request was successful.

Dear Health and Safety Executive,

Please could you tell me:
1. How many work place reportable incidents you have received in 2023 in respect of workers that became infected with the reportable disease Brucella canis in each (broken down by type of workplace) of the following workplaces: i. veterinary practices, ii. laboratories processing human blood samples, iii. laboratories processing animal samples?
Please could you split this sample by:
b. whether the person was diagnostically-positive only (i.e. no clinical signs, only identified by serology, culture, or PCR), or diagnostically positive + clinical signs.
2. For people that tested positive for brucella canis and had clinical signs, please could you indicate:
a. how many required hospitalisation
b. how many died?

3. Please state the date up until when this information is current to allow me to not put in overlapping requests in the future but still ensure there are no gaps in reporting.

Many thanks for your time.

Yours faithfully,

Dr Buckley

Information Request, Health and Safety Executive

Thank you for contacting the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) Central
Disclosure Unit. Please take this automated email as formal
acknowledgement HSE have received your request for information and are
processing it.  HSE will endeavour to respond to your request within
statutory timescales – 20 working days for requests that fall within scope
of the Freedom of Information Act or Environmental Information Regulations
and one month for requests that fall within scope of the  Data Protection
Act 2018.  If you are seeking an internal review of a previous disclosure
decision, HSE will also endeavour to respond to your request within the
Information Commissioners recommended timescale for response of 20 working
days.  HSE request you do not seek an update on the  status of your
request before the statutory / recommended date for response has
expired. As with many public sector organisations the pandemic has had a
major impact on our ability to undertake day-to-day operations which has
resulted in HSE not always being in a position to respond to requests
within the statutory / recommended deadlines detailed above.  HSE ask for
your patience at this time and assure you a response will be provided
within due course.

Information Request, Health and Safety Executive

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Good Afternoon,

Thank you for your information request. Please refer to the attached letter.

Kind Regards,

Ian Johnson / Central Disclosure Officer / Information and Technology Services (ITS) Health & Safety Executive / Central Disclosure Unit / Redgrave Court, Merton Road, Bootle, L20 7HS
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