British passport application on hold because of Maiden name different on indian passport.

Rupal Bhandari made this Freedom of Information request to HM Passport Office

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Dear HM Passport Office,


I had applied for my first British passport in November last year following my naturalization.

It was recently brought to my attention that my application has been out on hold as my previous passport (Indian citizenship) has my maiden name whereas I had applied for my British passport with my surname after marriage. I have used the same name for my naturalization and the certificate shows the current surname that I use. However the passport caseworker has informed me that she cannot issue a British passport until I cancel my Indian passport or get my name changed in the Indian passport.

Unfortunately this has put me in a limbo state as the Indian government will not cancel the passport until a passport of another nationality is produced (dual citizenship is not allowed in India) and they cannot change the name on the passport as this requires issue of a new passport which can only be provided to Indian citizens. Since I have acquired British citizenship, I can not be issued a new Indian passport.

I am also surprised by why this query has been raised in the first instance as I have used my current surname in my application for naturalization and the certificate shows the same name as the application for British passport. If this was not allowed then why was this query not raised at the time of the naturalization application? I have also produced a valid marriage certitude, which I believe is a sufficient proof and evidence of my previous surname and my current surname. If I have to change my name after acquiring the passport then the document (marriage certificate) suffices for the change of name.

The reason that was quoted to me was that the caseworker cannot issue a passport for an individual in two identities, but what happens if I acquire the British passport in my maiden name and then subsequently change my surname in the British passport but not in the Indian passport, I will have two identities in this case?

I request you to look into this matter as a case of urgency. My husband has moved to Dubai for a year but me and my daughter are unable to join him as I don't have any passport .

Your prompt response and resolution of this issue will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,
Rupal Bhandari

Samantha Lee left an annotation ()

Have you heard anything regarding your application? have you called the office where you sent your application to?

Dear HM Passport Office,

Received my British passport.

Yours faithfully,

Rupal Bhandari

wanderer left an annotation ()

Fyi - a similar case is currently being discussed in this forum:

Nataliia D left an annotation ()

I have the same situation with my first British passport!:(
Did you get your first British passport in your maiden or married name?
Thank you!