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The request was successful.

Dear British Army,

I am requesting freedom of information in relation to your hiring process and hiring quotas.

1 - Please provide me your hiring process policy & procedures.

2 - Please provide me your diversity/equality policy & procedure.

3a - Do you have hiring quotas based on ethnic group? (Yes or No)

3b - If yes, please breakdown your target quota percentage & the current percentage of staff employed for each of the following ethnic groups (as defined for England & Wales by Gov.UK)
- Asian or Asian British
- Black, Black British, Caribbean or African
- Mixed or Multiple ethnic groups
- White
- Other ethnic groups

3c - If an ethnic group quota is reached, do you temporarily stop hiring people from that ethnic group? (Yes or No)

3d - If the answer to 3c is yes, in the last 3 years (April 1st 2019 to today):
- Which ethnic groups (defined in 3b) have reached their target quota
- How many times have these ethnic groups reached their target quota
- What dates were the target quotas reached
- When these target quotas were reached, were temporary hiring bans put in place (Yes or No)
- If Yes, what was the time duration these temporary hiring bans lasted for

4a - How many diversity and equality staff does the British Army currently employ in each of the 4 UK Countries?
- England
- Northern Ireland
- Scotland
- Wales
(If you are unable to breakdown by country, a total for the whole of the UK is fine)

4b - What is the current average salary per annum for your diversity and equality employees?

Yours faithfully,
Shane Dunning

Army Sec-Group (MULTIUSER), British Army

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Dear Mr Dunning,


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