Bristol HMO landlord correspondence addresses.

Tom Frankham made this Freedom of Information request to Bristol City Council

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was successful.

Dear Bristol City Council,

I would be grateful if you would supply a list of addresses for
current HMO licensed properties in Bristol including the
name(s) and correspondence address(es) for the owners.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,

Tom Frankham

Freedom of Information, Bristol City Council

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No Reply @ Bristol, Bristol City Council

Dear Tom Frankham 
This is a courtesy email to let you know your Public Information
Request has been received on : 07/12/2017. 
Your unique reference number is "CRN00144689 ". Please keep this
number safe, as you may be required to provide it in the future. 
If you need to add further information concerning your case or
require an update about your response date, please email
[email address
Customer Relations Team

Luke Spanton, Bristol City Council

Dear Mr Frankham,

I understand you’d like to view the register of licensed properties. To
view the register you must book an appointment to come to our office to
identify which part or parts of the register you require, and you will be
given a certified copy of this. You'll also need to come to the office if
you want a copy of the entire register. More information can be found at

There is a charge of £94.97 for this service which you’ll need to pay
before your visit. You can either pay online or by cheque.

To pay online:

1.            Go to the online payments page

2.            Select ‘Property Licensing Fees’

3.            Select ‘Mandatory HMO Licence Fees’

4.            In the Reference Number box enter 123456789012

5.            Enter your own address, email address and card details
(these will not be shared with anyone)

6.            When you receive confirmation of payment, forward this to
[email address] with a covering email


Please let me know when would be convenient to come into the office.




Luke Spanton

Senior Environmental Health Officer

e: [1][email address]

m: Luke Spanton, Private Housing (100TS), Bristol City Council, P O Box
3176, Bristol, BS3 9FS

t: 0117 3521813


Information for landlords, tenants and homeowners:

Vacant properties are no use empty! [3]

Our website: [4]




From: "Customer Relations Team" <[5][email address]>
[[6]mailto:[email address]]
Sent: 07 December 2017 13:58
To: Teresa Holgate
Subject: Allocation Freedom of Information Request CRN00144689 - respond
prior to 09/01/2018 SFORCEENQ


Dear Teresa Holgate


The following freedom of information request has been allocated to you for a response on or before 09/01/2018, if not
for you, by return would you let the customer relations team (CRT) at [7][email address] know who it
should be directed to?


Where possible please respond directly to Tom Frankham including the case reference number CRN00144689 copying in the
CRT team at [8][email address].



If you need your response to go out from the FOI mailbox then please send a complete response to the CRT team at least 5
working days before 09/01/2018 10:05



The requester - Tom Frankham


Their contact details - 


[9][FOI #451016 email]


The request

I would be grateful if you would supply a list of addresses for current HMO licensed properties in Bristol including the

name(s) and correspondence address(es) for the owners.


Additional Information (if any)




When looking at the FOI request, can you initially identify whether


1 - Whether or not the council actually holds this information, if not, you only have to state this


2- Responding to this request will take longer than 18 hours, in which case you only need to explain that the
information will not be provided as the request will exceed the allocated time limit.


3 - Whether this is publically available information, if so you only need to state where this information can be found.


4 - Please ensure you redact any personal information from your response.


5 - Please ensure that if the information is of a sensitive nature that you have cleared it's contents with your manager
and or the public relations team as necessary before release.




Dana Curran


Customer Relations Team






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