Breakdown of shortinglist process for Computer Science

Dixie Normous made this Freedom of Information request to University of Oxford

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The request was successful.

Dear University of Oxford,

I am writing this FOI request with respect to your shortlisting criteria for Computer Science. On your website, you have stated that applicants are shortlisted for interviews either by default or by consideration from tutors. With respect to the shortlisting process by default, you have stated that applicants above a higher threshold are automatically shortlisted whilst those between the upper and lower threshold are shortlisted post dicussion. (See:

The FOI request submitted herewith requests you to provide information regarding:
1. The weightage given between the MAT score and the number of A* at GCSE/iGCSE where applicable.
2. The lower threshold score
3. The upper threshold score
4. How the University calculates the overall score of the candidate for shortlisting

i.e. Please provide with full detail, the calculation undertaken in order to shortlist an applicant by default. (Please provide the information seperately for each joint course with Computer Science if the process is different for each course)

Please be kind enough to provide information from the 2019/2020 admissions cycle. If you are unable to do so, please provide the data from the latest available admissons cycle.

Yours faithfully,

Dixie Normous

FOI, University of Oxford

Dear Mr Normous,

Thank you for your Freedom of Information request.
Subject to any clarification required, the University will aim to reply to your request within the statutory deadline of 20 working days, starting from the day after receipt of your request. Please note that several University departments are under considerable strain because of pressures from the Covid-19 crisis. If your request involves one of these departments, we may find it difficult to respond by the statutory deadline. If we anticipate a delay, we will write to you nearer to the deadline to inform you of the position.

Yours sincerely,
Information Compliance Team
Vice Chancellor’s and Registrar’s Office | University of Oxford
University Offices | Wellington Square | Oxford | OX1 2JD

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FOI, University of Oxford

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Dear Dixie Normous,

Our reference: [FOI/20200716/3]

Please find attached the University’s response to your request.

Yours sincerely,

Information Compliance Team
Vice Chancellor’s and Registrar’s Office | University of Oxford
University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford, OX1 2JD

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