The request was partially successful.

Dear Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency,

These questions pertain to the logo and branding of the National Curriculum, as per I know
that you may not "own" this information, but if you hold it, the
Act nevertheless requires you to divulge it.

— When was your current logo, corporate style, graphics and
branding implemented?
— Who designed it?
— How much were the designers paid for their services?
— Were other designers consulted? Was there competition? If so, who
was involved, and was any payment made to unsuccessful firms?
— Are there any "alternate" versions of the branding (as in, any
which were designed but not taken up), and if so, please supply an
electronic copy.
— Please provide me with a copy of your logo guidelines, branding
manual or equivalent document.

Yours faithfully,
Steve Elibank

Info Compliance, Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency

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Dear Mr Elibank

Please find attached the response to your recent request for information
made under the Freedom of Information Act.

Yours sincerely

Jane Howard
Freedom of Information and Data Protection Officer

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