Simon Cunningham

To Bradford City Council,

I am enquiring about the assets owned by the now-defunct 'Bradford Centre Regeneration' – the company set up by Bradford Council to deliver regeneration between 2003 and 2009.

Specifically, I am enquiring about the whereabouts of an architects' model of central Bradford created by Alsop Architects, who were commissioned by Bradford Centre Regeneration in 2003to produce a city centre masterplan for Bradford.

As responsibility for regeneration, and potential implementation of Alsop's masterplan, transferred back in-house to Bradford Council in 2009, is the local authority now in possession of assets from BCR/Alsop's masterplan, including the scale model?

Yours faithfully,
Simon Cunningham

Bruna Minto, Bradford City Council

Dear Mr Cunningham


I refer to your freedom of information request of 17 May  2018 regarding
‘Bradford Centre Regeneration’ and specifically in relation to the
architects model created by Alsop Architects.


I am writing to let you know that it is taking longer than we anticipated
to retrieve the information you requested and need to extend the time
limit for responding by 5 days.


Please accept our apologies, I hope to have our response to you by 20^th
June 2018, although I will endeavour to do so before this date.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me quoting the
reference number May106.


Yours sincerely


Bruna Gallucci-Minto


Bruna Gallucci-Minto

Senior Business Support Officer to the Strategic Director Place


Tel: 01274 434093 / [mobile number]rd Floor, Argus Chamber, Bradford BD1 1HX


City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Department of Place


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