Bowel management with spinal cord injured patients

derry felton made this Freedom of Information request to Barts Health NHS Trust

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The request was successful.

Dear Barts Health NHS Trust,

Bowel management for spinal cord injured people

Hello my name is Derry Felton and I work for the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA). I just have a few questions that need answering for our Public Affairs department.

As a request under the Freedom of Information Act, please provide the following information on bowel management for spinal cord injured people and others with neurogenic bowel dysfunction

1. Does the Trust have a formal written policy for digital rectal examination/check, digital rectal stimulation and the digital removal of faeces (manual bowel evacuation) in spinal cord injured and other patients with neurogenic bowel dysfunction ?
2. If the Trust does, please supply a copy of this document.
3. If the Trust does not, how is bowel care managed in the above patient groups who present with this care need?
4. Does the Trust employ a specialist continence nurse(s)?
5. If the Trust employs a specialist continence nurse(s) can they (a) undertake digital rectal checks, digital rectal stimulation and digital removal of faeces (manual bowel evacuation), otherwise known as 'intimate digital bowel care procedures' (b) provide instruction to other nurses to enable them to perform intimate digital bowel care procedures'?
6. If the Trust does not employ a specialist continence nurse, is there another health care professional who undertakes intimate digital bowel care procedures including manual bowel evacuation? If yes, who does this?
7. Does your Trust have a policy in place that will allow your staff to do trans-anal irrigation (TAI) of the bowel as a method of bowel care management for spinal cord injured patients? Do you train your staff to do TAI/ bowel irrigation?
8. Do you run bowel care courses for your staff that allows them to deliver the full range of bowel care required by spinal cord injured patients or others with a neurogenic bowel?
9. If yes, please provide details. If no, does the Trust have a policy which allows for the personal care assistants (PAs) of spinal cord injured patients to assist with this element of the patient's care?

Yours faithfully,

Derry Felton

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FAO Mr Derry Felton, The Spinal Injuries Association


Dear Mr Felton


Your FOI Request


I am writing in response to your email below and to the FOI request
contained therein. 


I must advise you that we have already received this request, and are in
the process of gathering together the information that you are seeking. 
Your original email was sent to us on 21st December, acknowledged and
logged by us as FOI-810-16 (Copy attached).


For this reason we do not propose taking any action on the email below,
but please let us know asap if we have misunderstood the situation in any
way and if there is any further action required from us other than the
timely processing of your original FOI request.


If you are dissatisfied on how your request has been handled, you can
complain in writing to: The Information Governance Manager, Barts Health
NHS Trust:   Email: [1][Barts Health NHS Trust request email]


Postal address:  The Information Governance Manager 

                                 Barts Health NHS Trust,

                                 Lower Ground Floor

                                 9 Prescot Street,


                                 London E1 8PR


If, after we have addressed your complaint, you remain dissatisfied with
how we have responded,  you are entitled to appeal to the Information
Commissioner  (Tel 01625 545 745)   details are shown at [2]


Yours sincerely,




Corporate Records  

Barts Health NHS Trust




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