Dear Staffordshire Police,

Please note that this request is similar to one submitted in 2015, however at that time Staffordshire Police’s response was that the relevant policy was under review at that time. My request therefore is to obtain information which is current at this time.

In 2016 Staffordshire Police cooperated with a reality TV show which featured the use of BWV in use by operational officers. The programme highlighted some of the potential benefits of BWV such as evidence gathering and providing evidence to disprove false or malicious allegations against police officers.

In order to build public trust and confidence in the use by police of BWV, there needs to be clear and robust processes to ensure that any BWV footage that capture or reveals wrong doing by any police officer is properly, retained, recorded and acted upon.

I require copies of written policies in the use of body-worn-video
(BWV) by your force, including any flowcharts or instructions issued to the users of BWV.

Additionally, I require further information, for example,

1. What safeguards are in place to prevent incriminating, unfavourable footage against the police being manipulated, destroyed or edited.

2. Are logs or records kept when BWV are taken from police facilities, when they are used in police operations. Is a record kept of which officers was responsible for the devices. Is a report
generated each time BWV devices are used.

3. How is content, evidence from BWV dealt with when there is a dispute between police and the individuals being filmed, example, if there is allegations of police wrongdoing or complaints made against police of assault or injury.

4. What safeguards are in place to allow individuals subject of BWV to have copy of the footage or to view it if there has been allegations of wrongdoing by police, injury or when there is a dispute about what took place while BWV was in use.

5. How long are digital recordings from BWV retained, if the retention time differs for footage not considered evidential please indicate clearly. In particular what is the retention time for BWV footage where the footage has resulted in one or more officers being investigated either formally or informally for potential wrongdoing.

Yours faithfully,

Mr L. Anderson

Staffordshire Police

Thank you for your FOI request, you will receive a response in due course.
Kind regards,
Freedom of Information
Central Disclosure Unit
Staffordshire Police

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Freedom of Information, Staffordshire Police

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Dear Mr Anderson,


Please see the attached response to your Freedom of Information request.


Kind regards,


Freedom of Information

Central Disclosure Unit

Staffordshire Police HQ

P.O. Box 3167


ST16 9JZ

E: [2][Staffordshire Police request email]



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