Dear Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner,

My name is PAULINE TAN SOON PHIN (DOB : 12/08/1955)
I am a Malaysian born in 1955 in Malacca, then the Straits Settlement.
When I was living in the UK for a short period of time back in the late 80s, I applied and was given a British Passport by virtue of my above mentioned status. I believe it's the BOC.

I have since then resided in Malaysia and subsequently lost the British passport on account of having moved several times; also I did not see any reason to re-apply for a new one.

However, I have a very strong reason now to apply for a re-issue of the said passport if at all that is possible. I am advised that if I wanted to apply for a Super Visa to be with my teenage daughter living in Canada, having this BOC passport would ease my application considerably!

I sincerely and fervently hope this is possible and would appreciate your assistance in this.

Yours faithfully,

Pauline Tan

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Dear Sir/Madam,

The Office of Immigration Services Commissioner is a regulatory body. We
are not part of the UK Border Agency and we do not provide immigration
advice or services. You may wish to search our website,
[1], or contact our office on 0845 000 0046 to
locate an immigration advisor in your area.

You may also find the following contact details useful:

UK Border Agency

Public Enquiry Office
• Phone: 0870 606 7766
• Email: [2][email address]

Nationality Directorate
• Phone: 0845 010 5200
• Email: [3][email address]

To find out the progress of an appeal applications or hearings

Asylum and Immigration Tribunal
• Phone: 0845 600 0877
• Email: [4][email address]

Yours faithfully,

Paul Shaw

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