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mary hartley made this Freedom of Information request to Beverley and North Holderness Internal Drainage Board

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was partially successful.

Dear Beverley and North Holderness Internal Drainage Board,

Please confirm:
1. Does the Board have a crop loss payment policy or has the Board previously made a resolution to make crop loss payments without evidence of damage.
2. How many of the elected members have board maintained drains
3. How many metres of board maintained drains does each member have. I do not require measurement to be linked to name, members may be numbered.
4. How many agricultural ratepayers have board maintained drains
5. What percentage of total agricultural ratepayers does this represent?

Yours faithfully,

mary hartley

Admin Support, Beverley and North Holderness Internal Drainage Board

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Dear Ms Hartley


Please find attached the response from Beverley and North Holderness IDB.


Kind Regards




Toni Simpson ¦ Secretary to Bill Symons - Clerk to the Board

Derwent House |Crockey Hill  | York|  YO19 4SR   Tel 01904 720785   


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Dear Admin Support,
Thank you for your letter.
Using the same numbered format I have further queries.
2. I expand the question as it appears to have been misunderstood. How many of this Board's elected Members have their riparian drains maintained by the Board? That is, those drains maintained by Beverley & North Holderness IDB running through their landholding upon which they pay a drainage rate either as landowner or tenant?
3. I expand this question. How many metres of riparian drains for each Member is maintained by Beverley & North Holderness Board? I do not require measurement to be linked to name, members may be numbered.
4. Does the operate a digital rating system which can be used through Geographical Information System software? This information can be quickly extrapolated and I request this response be reconsidered.
5. I repeat the question as I believe it highly unlikely the Board does not have information from which this calculation can be made.

Yours sincerely,

mary hartley