Board Maintained Watercourses

M Hufton made this Freedom of Information request to Danvm Drainage Commissioners

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The request was partially successful.

Dear Danvm Drainage Commissioners,

Please clarify if the length of ordinary watercourses [416km] referred to on the IDB website
is the total length of watercourses within the District [i.e IDB mainatained + non maintained]. If 416km refers to maintained watercourses only, please provide the total length of all watercourses

Please confirm the length of watercourses indicated in the 2017 Maintenance Plan on the IDB website for each sub catchment broken down as follows :
Priority watercourses
Secondary watercourses
Minor watercourses
Flail only

Yours faithfully,

M Hufton

Alison Briggs, Danvm Drainage Commissioners

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Please find attached correspondence on behalf of Danvm Drainage Commissioners


Alison Briggs BSc., (Hons) Env.Sc., MSc., Env. Mngt: Climate Change
Environment Officer and Administrator to the Shire Group of IDBs

01302 337798, Option 3, Option 3
07484 078594

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