stian alexander made this Freedom of Information request to House of Commons

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The request was successful.

Dear House of Commons,

Please can you let me know the total expenditure on biscuits at the House of Commons for the most recent period available.

If you can provide spending on types of biscuits and let me know the top spend on types of biscuits, such as Jaffa Cakes, Rich Teas, Digestives, Custard Creams, Ginger snaps etc.

If it is possible, without going over the time limit or cost, could you let me know the spend on biscuits for the five year period from 2007-2012.

If that is not possible, could you provide me the figures for spending on biscuits for the two years from 2011 to 2012.

Yours faithfully,

stian alexander

FOICOMMONS, House of Commons

Dear Stian Alexander

Thank you for your request for information dated 21st February 2013, received by us on the same date.

We will endeavour to respond to your request promptly but in any case within 20 working days i.e. on or before 21st March 2013.

If you have any queries about your request, please use the request number quoted in the subject line of this email.

Yours sincerely

Sarah Price
IRIS Support Officer

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FOICOMMONS, House of Commons

Dear Stian Alexander,
Freedom of Information Request F13-083
Thank you for your request for information as copied below.
You asked us for information on the total expenditure on biscuits at the
House of Commons for the most recent period available.  You asked that
this information be provided by biscuit type and for the past two or five
years as far as possible. 
The House of Commons procures biscuits for two purposes:  Firstly biscuits
are purchased for resale within catering and retail outlets in the House. 
Secondly they can be purchased as part of a refreshments budget for
In respect of the first matter where biscuits are purchased for resale the
following table gives detail of the amount spent between March 2008 and
February 2013 by the House of Commons Catering Service to purchase
biscuits for sale at its various outlets across the estate:

Description Total Net Spend £
Amaretti Biscuits 50.27
Bisc Loacker Coconut 122.25
Bisc Loacker Cremkakao 1,264.74
Bisc Loacker Gardena 850.82
Bisc Loacker Milk 238.75
Bisc Loacker Napolitaner 2,023.86
Bisc Loacker Tortina 902.14
Bisc Loacker Vanilla 1,278.31
Bisc Organic Digestive 143.10
Biscotti Almond Bisc 1,629.45
Biscotti Choc Biscuit 502.42
Biscuit Continent Select 4,537.50
Biscuit Luxury Selection 6,304.35
Biscuits Choc And Pear 77.00
Choc Gingers 89.10
Choc Orange Bronte 64.90
Choc Pear Biscuits 148.65
Clotted Cream Bronte 85.80
Cookie Almond Pistachio 603.54
Cookie Amondi 326.30
Cookie Brazil Nut Fairt 1,400.54
Cookie Choc Chip Fairtr 1,397.02
Cookie Chocolate 3,428.75
Cookie Cranberry White Chocolate 5,673.54
Cookie Double Belgian Chocolate 743.64
Cookie Double Choc 150.00
Cookie Fairtrade Chocolate & Nut 37.50
Cookie Fairtrade Double Chocolate 37.50
Cookie Fairtrade Stem Ginger 37.50
Cookie Ginger 3,176.73
Cookie Honeyed Apple 526.39
Cookie Milk Choc 150.00
Cookie Oat Fruit 4,312.11
Cookie Oat N Raisin 326.12
Cookie Organic Lemon Zest 158.40
Cookie Selection 1,667.74
Cookie Stem Ging Fairtr 1,481.92
Cookie Tinker Choc 250.30
Cookie Toffee Chocolate Pecan 4,166.52
Cookie Triple Belgian Chocolate 752.04
Cookie White Belgian Choc N Raspberry 713.85
Cookie White Choc 125.00
Cookie White Choc Cran Cafe Coll 7.72
Crawfords Mini Packs 16,829.34
Digestive Biscuits 997.81
Ginger Nuts Mcvities 213.46
Hob Nobs Mcvities 818.16
Jacobs Club Orange 3,472.34
Jaffa Cake Snack Pack New 12,991.08
Lemon Melts 237.75
Oat Crumbles 37.50
Oreos 6 In Pkt 6,714.03
Patersons Biscuits Indv 12,907.47
Patersons Biscuits Box 4,414.04
Penguin 929.20
Shortbread 175.50


Breakdown Of Selection Packs:
Crawfords Mini Packs

Bourbon Creams, Digestives, Custard Creams, Rich Shorties, Ginger Nuts,
Fruit Shortcake

Patersons Biscuits Indy

Golden Crunch, Choc Chip Cookie, Fruit Shrewsbury, Shortcake, Viennese

Patersons Biscuits Box

Golden Crunch, Choc Chip Cookie, Fruit Shrewsbury, Shortcake, Viennese
Finger, Double Choc Cookie

Cookie Selection

Choc Chunk & Hazelnut, White Choc And Raspberry, Oat Flake And Honey,
Belgian Choc.  

Biscuit Continent Select

12 Varieties, 7 Coated With Plain, Milk, Or White Chocolate Including
Dipped Lady Fingers, Viennese Butter Fingers, Cantuccini, Mini Waffle

Biscuit Luxury Selection

Chocolate, Shortbread, Cherry Petticoat Tails, Choc Chip, Butterscotch,
Crofters Crumbles

The costs of these items are recouped through sales.  Please note that
data is not retained back to 2007 and is therefore not held by the House
of Commons. 
In respect of biscuits purchased for meetings the information you require
is not held by the House of Commons.  Any expenditure for this purpose
would be incorporated into general refreshments costs which cannot be
broken down. 
You may, if dissatisfied with the handling of your request, complain to
the House of Commons.  Any such complaints should be addressed to: Freedom
of Information Officer, Department of HR and Change, House of Commons
London SW1 0AA or [1][House of Commons request email]. Please ensure that you
specify the nature of your complaint and any arguments or points that you
wish to make.
If you remain dissatisfied, you may appeal to the Information Commissioner
at Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5AF.
Yours sincerely,
Arianne Kitchener | IRIS Manager
Information Rights and Information Security (IRIS) Service | House of

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