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Moses ian francis made this Freedom of Information request to General Register Office

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The request was refused by General Register Office.

Dear General Register Office,

I'm curious as to why my birth certificate is linked to a closed end fund bond under black rock municipal bond trust ? This has been confirmed with black rock that it's a trust and I hve a recorded conversation as proof so how is this possible and why do the British people not know about these bonds that can be clearly seen on the stock exchange?

Yours faithfully,

Moses ian francis

FOI, General Register Office

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GRO First Point of Contact,

Dear Moses ian francis
Thank you for your enquiry.
I have handled your request as official correspondence rather than under 
the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act, but this has made no 
difference to the content of my response.
The registration is not “owned” in and of itself; the register is held by 
law (Births and Deaths Registration Act 1953) with the Superintendent 
Registrar of the district where the birth was registered. The data in the
entry is not “owned”. The birth registration or birth certificate does not
therefore create a Government bond or asset that would be then be the
property of each  person registered - it is simply a record of an event.
 I am sorry we are unable to help you any further.
Kind regards
Alex Gaskill
Customer Correspondance Unit Manager
Her Majesty's Passport Office, General Register Office
I Smedley Hydro I Trafalgar Road I Southport I PR8 2HH
T:+44(0)300 123 1837 | Text Relay Prefix 18001
E: [1][email address]

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