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Dear Equality and Human Rights Commission,

Most political parties seem intent on removing the UK from the European Human Rights and replace with a British Bill of Rights.

As human rights are being denied in the British family courts for parents, example LAs can bring in any expert witness but parents are being denied by District and Circuit Judges of same.
(This example being the tip of the iceberg for decent parents who are losing their children)

1/ What is being proposed in the UK Bill of Rights that will prevent the destruction of British Birth families by UK family courts where no offence has been committed.

Yours faithfully,

sheila oneill

Freedom of Information, Equality and Human Rights Commission

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Examples of county councils desire to remove the European flag from office.

The following motion was moved by Mr Glennon and seconded by Mr Sutcliffe.
‘This Council:
Acknowledges the current public antipathy toward the institutions of the European Union and the impositions of European legislation on British law and recognises the closer affiliation of this Council to the United Kingdom, rather than the federation of the European Union.
Accepts the need to continue to apply for EU sources of funding (or more accurately retrieving a fraction of what we pay in to their system) but acknowledges the diminishing relevance of the EU to the County Council, as demonstrated by this Council’s withdrawal from the Assembly of European Regions; the abolition of a dedicated Europe Office; and the absence of a Cabinet portfolio containing specific responsibility for Europe.
This Council resolves to ask the County Chairman to approve the removal of the European Flag from the Council Chamber.’
51 The motion was put to a recorded vote under Standing Order 36(1).
(a) For the motion - 9
Mr Clark, Mr Glennon, Mrs Hall, Ms James, Mr Parsons, Mrs Phillips,

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Engagement Desk, Equality and Human Rights Commission

Dear Sheila,


Many thanks for your email.  The Government set up a Commission to look at
the possibility of a Bill of Rights in 2011 and it reported back in
December 2012.  The Commission was unable to reach a conclusion as to
whether we need a Bill of Rights so there are no plans to proceed with one
at the moment.  For specific queries about any future Bill of Rights you
would need to contact the Ministry of Justice directly as this work falls
outside the remit of the Equality and Human Rights Commission.  Contact
details and further information about the Bill of Rights Commission and
its work can be found here:



Best wishes





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