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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

Please provide an email copy of all the information documents mentioned below and accessible via your http: // np-uc-ikb . link2 . gpn . gov . uk : 81 / Pages / Sanctions_Hub .aspx intranet

Information to help agents identify the correct instructions concerning sanctionable failures
The Sanctions Hub is a central information source to assist agents with identifying the correct
Knowledge Management instructions when considering sanctionable failures. This could include
identifying, explaining, referring and notifying sanction decisions.
The sanctions flowchart is for reference only and is there to give an overview of the sanctions
 for sanctionable failures relating to Fail to Attend
for claimants in the All Work Related
Requirements (AWRR) Intensive Work Search
and AWRR Light Touch conditionality regimes
see FTA Process Overview
 for sanctionable failures relating to Providers
such as the Work Programme or Community
Work Placement, see Provider sanctionable
failure referrals
Identifying, explaining and referring sanctionable failures
Identifying a sanctionable failure
Explaining a sanctionable failure and gathering good reason
Recording a sanctionable failure on the Work Services Platform
Escalation of sanctionable failures
Gathering evidence for a sanctionable failure from an inbound call
Checking for evidence for a sanctionable failure
Completing system checks when a sanctionable failure has been identified
Agent considers compliance following a sanctionable failure

Referring to a decision maker and making a decision
Referring a sanctionable failure to a decision maker
Gathering additional evidence on a sanctionable failure
Making a decision on a sanctionable failure
Entering a sanctionable failure decision on Universal Credit Agent Portal
Entering a sanctionable failure decision on the Work Services Platform
Notifying a claimant of a sanctionable failure
Notification of sanctionable failure decisions
Notifying a claimant with complex needs of a sanction decision
Explanations, reconsiderations and appeals
MRN - Claimant requests a Mandatory Reconsideration
MRN - Mandatory Reconsiderations decision maker action
MRN - Claimant appeals
MRN - Account developer action following a Mandatory Reconsideration
Explanations, reconsiderations and appeals following a sanction decision
Recording the outcome of a sanction reconsideration
Recording the outcome of a sanction revised decision
Consider sanctions and notify the outcome of reconsiderations or revised decisions
Referring a reconsideration or revised decision to a decision maker
Supporting documents
Work Services Platform AR codes
Escalation table
Escalation flowchart
Migrated sanction desk aid
Sanctions notifications
Completing Sanction Notifications - Hints and Tips
Sanctions data gather templates"

Yours faithfully,

Frank Zola

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Dear DWP freedom-of-information-requests,

With regards my information request my reference to "information documents", should also include information on and accessible via your sanctions hub that are intranet web pages akin to website pages.

Yours sincerely,

Frank Zola

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Mr Zola
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