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Hannah Kirkpatrick

Dear Scottish Further and Higher Education Funding Council,

I would like to thank you for your response to my previous request which can be found at

I note from FOISA500 File 1 Redacted 25082017.pdf that legal advise was sought on 10th March 2015 as to what benchmark should be used for good governance and additionally what benchmark should be used for good HR procedures and policies.

I would have expected the SFC to have a full understanding of such before authorising the Statutory Section 7C(7) review on 6th March 2015.

Therefore under FOISA can you please supply me with copies of the sector standard code of good governance and good HR procedures and policies that were in place at the time, that would form the requirement of the Statutory Section 7C(7) review into governance and procedures by the SFC and the SFC’s solicitors.

Please advise if this Statutory Section 7C(7) review into governance and procedures used the sector standard codes of practice that were in force at this point in time.

Please also advise what the then Principal of Clyde College’s specific serious governance concerns were (although I am aware they covered matters of propriety, process, procedure, conflict of interest and behaviour) that she had raised in writing before her suspension?

Please advise if the governance concerns of the then Principal, were benchmarked equally against any code of good governance as that of the Board of Management’s were?

Please also advise on what grounds the SFC lawfully undertook/sanctioned the Statutory Section 7c(7) Review/Report on 6th March 2015, without knowing what benchmark to use relating to good governance and good HR procedures and policies at that time and having to request legal assistance on, on 10th March 2017.

Please supply this information in electronic format, and I shall look forward to your prompt disclosure this time.

Yours faithfully,

Hannah Kirkpatrick

Info, Scottish Further and Higher Education Funding Council

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Please find attached, an acknowledgement of your request for information.



Marcelyn Akun, Scottish Further and Higher Education Funding Council

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Dear Ms Kirkpatrick,


Please see attached Final response letter to your FOI request.


Kind regards,


Marcelyn Akun

Interim Information Compliance Officer

Oifigear Rianachd Fiosrachaidh & Tèarainteachd

Scottish Funding Council

Apex 2

97 Haymarket Terrace


EH12 5HD


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