Belford House

Vicky made this Freedom of Information request to Sunderland City Council

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was successful.

Dear Sunderland City Council,


Title of Report:


The sale to RDM Homes (Belford) Ltd was rescinded.

Can you please provide the details of where and when this asset has been advertised for sale.since the 11 March 2009 and any other information the council holds regarding the sale and value of this asset.

Yours faithfully,


Solicitor - Freedom of Information, Sunderland City Council

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Re: Your request for information concerning:    Belford House



The Council aims to provide available information promptly and in any
event within 20 working days, unless, exceptionally, there is a need to
consider whether the information is exempt from disclosure.


I will contact you again soon in connection with your request.


Please quote the reference below if you contact the Council regarding this



Customer Request Number:  15 08 22











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Steve Hanratty, Sunderland City Council

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Dear Vicky,


I refer to your recent request for information under the Freedom of
Information Act 2000.  I can confirm that the Council does hold this
information, as detailed below.


The sale to RDM Homes (Belford) Ltd was rescinded. Can you please provide
the details of where and when this asset has been advertised for sale
since the 11 March 2009 and any other information the council holds
regarding the sale and value of this asset.

The 2009 sale referred to in the FOI was rescinded in March/April 2009
because RDM Homes asked to reduce their financial offer that had been
accepted for the sale of the site. This was due to a crash in property
market conditions. The revised offer was requested but never received so
Cabinet rescinded the offer and the purchaser was advised the site would
be held until market conditions improved and the site would be


·        August 2009 - Expression of interest received asking for details
on the site. The enquirer was advised the site would need to be remarketed
in the future in line with council procedure.

·        2011 - A new design brief was prepared

·        July 2011 - The site was advertised for sale  in the Sunderland
Echo and the Journal on 8^th and 15^th July2011. Letters sent to
interested parties indicating that a 2 stage disposal approach with design
brief approach was to be adopted.

·        September 2011 - Initial design submissions were due by the 2^nd
September 2011.  Stage 1 submissions were received and acceptable
proposals were invited to proceed to the financial offer stage.

·        November 2011 -  The financial offers received by 25^th November
2011, but  were considered to be below the market value and were therefore

·        April 2012 - An enquiry by individual was made to purchase the
site off market. This was rejected as the offer was considered to be below
market value.

·        January 2013 -  An enquiry was made by an individual wishing to
purchase a single residential plot. The enquirer was advised that the
property was not for sale on a plot by plot basis.

·        November 2013 – An enquiry was received asking to purchase the
land for use as an animal sanctuary. This was refused as the land was
identified for executive homes.

·        2014 - The Design Brief was updated as attached.

·        March 2014 – The property was advertised in the Journal and the
Sunderland Echo on the 26/3/14. Direct mailshots were issued to developers
who had previously enquired about the residential property.

·        May 2014 – The closing date for stage 1 design bids was 23/5/14.
The Council received  design bids (stage 1)  which were considered
acceptable and in line with the design brief and therefore requested
financial offers to be received by 14^th July 2014.

·        July 2014 - From the financial bids received the Council accepted
the offer from the highest financial offer received. The offer accepted is
higher than the offers received in 2011.


The sale price and therefore the current value has been  determined by the
offers received on the open market. The Council is now under contract for
the sale of the property which is subject to the purchaser gaining
satisfactory planning permission for the development.


The final sale price will be registered with the Land Registry following


I hope this is satisfactory.  If, however, you are dissatisfied with our
response to your request for information, you can ask for the decision to
be reviewed in reply to this letter.  The review will be removed from the
Directorate and coordinated by the Council’s Information Governance
Officer.   A request for review should be directed, by email to
[1][Sunderland City Council request email], by post or by hand addressed to;
Information Governance Officer, Governance Services, Civic Centre, PO Box
100, Sunderland SR2 7DN.


You are of course entitled to apply to the Information Commissioner at any
time, although the Commissioner will not usually investigate until the
public authority’s internal review procedure has been concluded.


Kind Regards



Steve Hanratty

Business Development Manager

Office Of The Chief Executive

Sunderland City Council

Tel: 0191 5617808





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