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Deniz O made this Freedom of Information request to Wilbury Primary School, London

This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, Wilbury Primary School, London should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

Dear Wilbury Primary School,

Hello, my Freedom of Information request is requested as a ex-student of the school. I would like to ask some questions for the school.

How many incidents have there been where a stage as been issued onto a student?

How many incidents have resulted where a student has been expelled due to misbehaviour?

How many incidents have there been where the Police have been called due to extreme misbehaviour where a member off staff/student were in a life threatening situation?

How many students have been suspended for behaviour related problems?

How many incidents have there been in each year group (excluding nursery and reception) where a student has passed stage 3?

How does the school respond to Red File incidents? Does the school use it as a way to encourage students to behave correctly for rewards? Or for record keeping?

What are the schools protocols to respond to a student in a medium to extreme ranged incident?

What is the school doing to improve it's behaviour reputation?

Yours faithfully,
D. Ozdil,
Year 8

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Dear Wilbury Primary School, London,

I had forgotten to mention that the statistics that I have requested to be in the time-range of 3 academic years. Legally the requester must have a response within 20 working days of when the Freedom of Information request was requested, should the school's reply be delayed longer than 20 working days I have the right to contact the Information Commissioner Office.

I am looking forward to the school's response soon.

Yours faithfully,

Deniz O

Dear Wilbury Primary School, London,

I have not recieved an email yet, I'd appreciate if the school responded confirming the FOI request. Legally the school should respond before the 11th of November.

Yours faithfully,

Deniz O

Office, Wilbury Primary School, London

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To Deniz O, 


The response to your FOI request is below. The figures given cover the
last three academic years. 


Question 1  -  this information is not collated over the year

Question 2 - 13

Question 3 -  none.   Police have been asked to come and speak with a
child as a result of a serious incident but they have never been called
for immediate assistance

Question 4  - 9

Question 5 - this information is not collated over the year

Question 6  - The school behaviour policy is attached . This is a positive
behaviour policy which sets out the positive rewards for good behaviour
and the sanctions for poor behaviour. See point 4                        
   under Red File  -  'The Red File only runs in conjunction with positive
strategies'.The intention of the Red File is to discourage children from
behaving poorly and is a sanction                                  which
leads to a letter being sent home so that parents are aware of the

Question 7  - Please see the Behaviour Policy attached which includes a
statement on Physical Handling and Restraint - this would only be used in
extreme cases

Question 8  - The school is always looking to improve on where it is now
in all areas. However, feedback from parents is very positive in relation
to behaviour. In the recent parent survey, 99% of                        
   parents responding, said that they believe behaviour in the school to
be good which is a very positive response. (see website)



Angela Zenonos
Office Manager & HTPA
Wilbury Primary School
Wilbury Way
N18 1DE
Tel: 020 88075335

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Dear Office,

I am personally not satisfied with the response with question 9, my question was rephrased and not answered properly. I was given a figure of 99% surveyied positive in relation to the school's response to behavioural issues.

I challenge the figure to be biased, I request a confirmation that this figure is correct followed by the questions on the survey.

I also believe the response was rephrased as the school stated that the school was working in all ways to improve from where it is now. I did not request a reassurance that the school was doing its job it is legally supposed to do, I was requesting the schools strategies into tackling poor behaviour.

I was a student in the school since 2007 - 2013 and I believe the schools response was not legitimate enough. I request the school to reanswer question 8 again.

Yours sincerely,

Deniz O

Office, Wilbury Primary School, London




To Deniz O,


I have read your email and noted your request. However, as stated
previously, please be directed to the website for details of the
questionnaire and responses. We hold no further information with regard to
this question and will not be commenting further.




Kate Turnpenney



Wilbury Primary School



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Dear Willbury Primary School,

I am disappointed to say again another part of my email did mention another answer for question 8 and was only told to review the schools websites for more questions regarding the questionnaire.

If the request gets another response such as the one I've just received I will be requesting an Internal Review.

I do not believe the information I had requested is for any reason should be withheld, and strongly believe the school should be strongly able to answer the question as they are supposed to teach pupils to answer questions are therefore should be perfectly able to do so.

Yours sincerely,

Deniz O