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Dave langdon made this Freedom of Information request to Independent Office for Police Conduct

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Dear Independent Office for Police Conduct,

I'm just seeking some clarification for the benefit of the public.

The IOPC cleared a police complaint recently in which the IOPC Caseworker confirmed saying no to rape is a rape threat and actual physical rape and arrestable under domestic abuse laws.

One thing that wasn't cleared up was about the lawful arrest for "BDSM relationship".

I did an FOI with Essex police in which it has been confirmed no one else has ever been arrested for "bdsm relationship" because no such offense exists. There is no data whatsoever so I am the first ever arrest.

My argument is there is no such thing as "bdsm relationship" so to be arrested for something that doesn't exist has no lawful excuses and fullfills the four components for kidnap.

The report just ignored "bdsm relationship" and was finished hours after I prompted the caseworker to find the document used on my arrest.

There was an internal investigation clearing the caseworker but there is still no information about arresting people for "bdsm relationship " despite not being a recordable offense.

Can you help me and public understand what is "bdsm relationship" and why arresting people for things that don't exist is not misconduct?

Yours faithfully,

Dave langdon

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!Request Info, Independent Office for Police Conduct

Dear Mr Langdon,
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We propose to respond to you on or before the 27^th August 2019 in line
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Dave langdon left an annotation ()

This is in regards to the conduct of Susan Badham who made "bdsm relationship" a real arrestable offense despite Essex Police confirming no such offense exists. She just panicked and pretended it didn't happen.

!Request Info, Independent Office for Police Conduct

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Dear Mr Langdon

Please find attached our response to your request.

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Yours sincerely

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