Barring decisions made by the ISA

Josie Appleton made this Freedom of Information request to Independent Safeguarding Authority

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The request was partially successful.

Dear Independent Safeguarding Authority,

This FOI request is with reference to your FOI answer of 29 July in which you state:
‘The ISA commenced independent decision making operations on 20 January 2009 and by the end of June 2010 the ISA had barred 27,354 people which includes 16,365 cases migrated from the Protection of Vulnerable Children Act list, protection of Vulnerable Adults List and List 99... Based on the figures above, 149 are discretionary bars and 10,840 were automatically barred.’

My FOI request is the following:

1. Of these 10,840 automatic bars, how many of these relate to the transfer of old disqualification orders to the new barred list? And how many relate to new offences (after 20 January 2009)?

2. Of these 10,840 automatic bars, how many many were for cautions and how many for convictions?

3. Of these 10,840 automatic bars, how many were bars with no appeal, and how many were bars with representation?

4. Since 20 January 2009, in bars with representation cases, how long on average is the period between the decision to provisionally bar and the final decision?

Yours faithfully,
Josie Appleton

INFOGOV, Independent Safeguarding Authority

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Please see attached ISA response to your FOI request 197 2010.

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