Royal Navy did not have the information requested.

Dear Royal Navy,

I will be obliged to know what measures The Royal Navy takes to prevent or rectify barnacles on the exterior of the hulls of its vessels. It is know that in the past these were detremental in the speed and efficiency of Her Majesty's ships.

What materials and methods are currently used. If a short, simple and easy history of the subject since 1945, is available script, access or reference will oblige.

Yours faithfully,


DES SEC-PolSecShips and Subs (MULTIUSER), Royal Navy

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Dear Mr Boyle – please see the attached response from the Ministry of
Defence to FOI2019-00237.

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Bristol, BS34 8JH |







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Dear DES SEC-PolSecShips and Subs (MULTIUSER),

To thank you for the information you have supplied.

I now look forward to making further research.

Yours sincerely,