Bampton Estate Regeneration (Witney and Shifford Path)

The request was refused by London & Quadrant Housing Trust.

Dear London & Quadrant Housing Trust,

I have seen this recent report to the Lewisham Mayor and Cabinet

1. The report refers to various condition surveys carried out on Witney Path and Shifford Path in SE23 between 2012 and 2015. Please provide copies of these.

2. The report also says: “All the aspects combined have led L&Q to conclude that refurbishment would not provide value for money.” Please provide information on how this conclusion was reached. In particular:
a) How did L&Q calculate the cost of refurbishment v the cost of redevelopment?
b) Can you please provide a breakdown of such costs?

Yours faithfully,

Michael Spencer

Jon Fish, London & Quadrant Housing Trust

Dear Mr Spencer

I have been forwarded your recent email relating to the above estate.
 Please note that London & Quadrant Housing Trust (L&Q) is an independent
housing association and is not a public authority as defined under the
Freedom of Information Act , irrespective of the recent change announced
by the Office of National Statistics.  However, L&Q will take all
reasonable action to answer freedom of information requests.


Firstly please can I assure you that no decision has yet been made on what
will be happening regarding the properties at Witney and Shifford Path.
 As you are aware, we have been exploring different options for some time
which include either a refurbishment or re-development option.  And we are
continuing to explore and assess both options.

Within your email you have requested to see copies of the surveys carried
out on various properties across the estate.  Unfortunately we are unable
to release the detailed surveys carried out on L&Q properties as they are
intended for L&Q internal use only.

In answer to your question on how L&Q calculated the cost of refurbishment
vs. cost of re-development, as stated above, this process is still
on-going.  The cost of refurbishment is calculated using results of the
stock condition surveys and also allowing for other improvements across
the estate.  The cost of re-development would include the costs of
acquiring the freehold properties and the construction cost of a new build

In addition as well as considering the financial costs of both options, we
continue to consult with all residents which is a key part of the decision
making process.

I hope that this email has addressed all your queries.

Yours sincerely


Jon Fish
Land Manager (Asset Development) | L&Q | 3 Maidstone Road | Sidcup | Kent
| DA14 5HU
0844 406 9000 (ext.6357)
07903 188 587



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