Balfron Tower Developments LLP

Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

Sir John Bradshaw

Dear Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England,
The Balfron Tower Developments LLP, run by Ian Lamprell, had commandeered our social housing built and run by the GLC. It was taken over by Tower Hamlets.

The Poplar housing officer Bill Henderson removed our safe windows in the four square miles of housing stock, and parks and shopping centres , committing criminal damage as they only needed painting and curtains according to your advisors at the time over 20 years ago.

Balfron Tower was to have its bedroom walls sound insulated by The Highways Agency as the motorway below took some of our land and we qualified for secondary glazing 100mm away from the wall.

Tenants asked for extra grant to rebuild the walls with a combined air gap of up to 100mm needed to stop over 79dB of motoring sounds.

The grant was given to TH to spend. It was given to the housing officer Bill Henderson who continued to replace steel Crittal windows with pvcu as he was in league with the East India Dock Road Glazier who got all the glass contracts all over TH and probably elsewhere.

The 20th century society tried to stop the use of pvcu beam, struts and frames in basic double glazing with a meat 10 mm air gap.

I had informed TH of acouple sash windows made out of Swedish hard wood that gave 80mm of combined air gap and had different thicknesses of Pilkington glass to enhance the sound attenuation properties.

Both the HA and TH agreed and held up Bagnals Decorators Ltd for over a year.

But we found that the Pvcu contact went ahead because English Heritage like the more like for like look of the Pvcu even though neither walls were constructed.

The 20th century society was shocked as they had listed it to prevent the use of pvcu as English Heritage banns pvcu as a building material in it listed buildings.

Who were ultimately responsible for the decision to clad our bedrooms in hundreds of tons of combustible materials and foam filled panels, replacing our asbestos panels clad in sheets of steel knowing it contravened the Building Regulations 1999 part B Fire Safety, requiring walls of flats above 30 meters to he made with non combustible materials that could withstand fire from the inside for two hours before collapsing or being penetrated.

We lived in fear of death in our sleep as happened to a mother and son in Brownfield St nearby because their kitchen Crittal steel window had been rebuilt out of pvcu and burning filled the second story where they were sleeping with black acrid smoke that after three breaths they couldn't wake up and then suffocating, died.

As you witnessed the burning of the gladding on the walls of Glenfell tower covered everything in 30 minutes, catching the walls made of pvcu alight and they burnt through letting in the fire that gutted their flats and killed 72 whoes lives were cut short.

Luckily the walls of Balfron Tower have recently been removed, committing criminal damage. What part of the listing legislation have they breached, replacing the walls instead of painting them. We know walls can't be replaced unless they are failing on listed buildings. What consent did they breach.

Who were the staff of Historic England that waived the legislation so they could make the building look like new with sheets of glass covering the walls with no ventilation or windows, replacing the original walls with five windows in the East and nine windows in the West facing walls.

Did your officers not check the building regulations Part K Windows that require rebuilding of walls, the same trickle ventilation system must be rebuilt along with the same number of windows.

How have they preserved the character of the building by allowing this to happen in contravention of listing protection.

Please give me the name of the listing legislation and the rules stopping this destruction of our listed buildings and discipline the staff involved and have the police search their bank accounts for bungs from the £350,000,000 stolen from present and future tenants of the Poplar Harca, who have to pay back this loan and £10,000,000 a year of interest to ignore it listed protection.

If this is new to you, contact the directors of HE.

Yours faithfully,

Sir John Bradshaw

Dear Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England,

What is the full name of O'Rorke who switched the sound insulation rebuilding of our bedroom walls twenty years ago from Rebuilding Windows and panels using fire safe Swedish hard wood windows back to pvcu. He had committed aggrivated Criminal Damage and once prosecuted will face life sentences against every person in Balfron Tower he endangered, and his home address and phone number, so I can inform the police.

Who were the other officials who agreed with him that the use of combustible materials could be used on such a tall building, especially as it was listed and pvcu is not allowed.

He put everyone's lives at risk of death by burning alive for over 20 years night after night.

They face conspicy charges that has a life sentence.

Three died in fires in the neighborhood because there safe Crittal steel windows were replaced with Pvcu double glazing.

By ignoring me, you have committed Fraud by Withholding Information.

Who is responsible for your failure to be accountable.

Yours faithfully,

Sir John Bradshaw