Bailiff indemnities

Response to this request is delayed. By law, Scarborough Borough Council should normally have responded promptly and by (details)

Dear Scarborough Borough Council,
can you answer these questions using your experiance of partnering with your enforcement agents.this is not a complaint against yourself but vital for public info regarding what bailiffs are and are not allowed to do.the below response was from carlisle cc who answered within 48 hours


The Council has now considered your request received on 15/11/2019 and our response to
your questions is shown below.

Does your enforcement agent contract allow your enforcement agents to issue an indemnity
against prosecution for themselves without the agreement of the council in cases where they
have wrongfully seized and to vulnerable people -carlise cc/ No, the provisions of our Service Level
Agreement do not allow for any indemnities against prosecution.

Have you ever allowed bailiffs to make their own settlement agreements where goods have
to be returned? carlisle cc /No

Would you allow enforcement agents to breach the equalities act if it meant your business
rates were collected. carlisle cc /No

How would you react if they did this without you knowing?carlisle In the unlikely event that this
occurred, we would fully Investigate any such breach identified to ensure adherence to
our service expectations.

would you class a secret indemnity which achieves a gain at the cost to the vulnerable victim a material breach of contract .

must enforcement agents always report failed levies and a full report when dealing with vulnerable customers

thank you for your public concern in answering these questions asap .

Yours faithfully,

dan perkns

Yours faithfully,


FOI, Scarborough Borough Council

Good Morning

I refer to you Freedom of Information Request below. I would be grateful if you can provide clarification of your request.

I would be grateful if you can clarify if your request refers to the collection of business rates only or whether it refers to any service where the Council uses enforcement agents (e.g. Council Tax and Parking Fines).

If we do not receive appropriate clarification of your information requirements within three months from the date of this letter, then we will consider your request closed.

Following receipt of this clarification, your request will be referred to the responsible officer and a response should be made within the statutory timeframe of 20 working days from the date of receipt.

Yours Sincerely

Freedom of Information Officer
Legal and Democratic Services
Scarborough Borough Council
e:  [Scarborough Borough Council request email]
t: 01723 232323
f: 0870 2384159

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Dear FOI,

just business rates please although the answers should be the same for all sorts of enforcement

Yours sincerely,