Dear Essex County Council,

can you please answer under public interest using yes or no answers...

they will be contained within your code of ethics and your contracts or
simply in any code of conduct.this is not a complaint against your council
but research into how bailiffs can be a law unto themselves if not watched

1. Does your enforcement agent contract allow your enforcement agents to
issue an indemnity against prosecution for themselves without the
agreement of the council in cases where they have wrongfully seized when
the customer is identifiably vulnerable?

2. Have you ever allowed bailiffs to make their own settlement agreements
where goods have to be returned after 3 months?

3. Would you allow enforcement agents to breach the equalities act by
achieving a gain whilst someone is under mental health treatment if it
meant your business rates were collected,even if they didnt inform you?

4. How would you react if they did this without you knowing?

5. Would you class a secret indemnity kept from the council which achieves
a gain at the cost to the vulnerable victim a material breach of contract

6. Must enforcement agents always report failed levies and a full report
when dealing with vulnerable customers 7.would you employ enforcement
agents that have fraudulently concealed information that could cause
litigation to the council or serious damage to a protected party in the
past ?

thank you for your public concern in answering these questions asap.

8.who are your current agents

Yours faithfully,

steve perkins

Your Right To Know, Essex County Council

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your request for information which we will handle under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

The Act allows us up to 20 working days (excluding statutory holidays) to process a valid request for information. We may be in touch with you should we require any further clarification.

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Yours sincerely,

Trevor Anthony-Jones
Your Right To Know
Essex County Council
T: 033301 38989
E: [email address]

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Your Right To Know, Essex County Council

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Oliver Sharpe

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