Dear Ministry of Defence,

I would like to make a request under the Freedom of Information Act to see any emails sent or received by Liam Fox -- during the period he was Defence Secretary from 12 May 2010 until 14 October 2011 -- which include the word "BAE" or "bae". This should be an easy request to process as you only need to enter the term into the search bar inside the email client.

Yours faithfully,

Jennifer Dathan

Adams, Belinda C1 (TOG-Boards Sec-ASec4), Ministry of Defence

1 Attachment

for the attention of Jennifer Dathan.


please see attached.




Belinda Adams

TOG-FOI and PQ (MULTIUSER), Ministry of Defence

1 Attachment

Dear Ms Dathan,


Please find attached the substantial response to your FOI request:


Yours Sincerely,


Top Office Group Business Manager


In keeping with the spirit and effect of the Freedom of Information Act &
Environmental Information Regulations Act, all information is assumed to
be releasable to the public unless exempt. The MOD therefore will be
simultaneously posting the information you requested, together with any
related information that will provide a key to its wider context, in our
online FOI & EIR Disclosure Log at [1]





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