Badly Parked/Double Parked Cars

David Smith made this Freedom of Information request to Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

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Dear Scottish Fire and Rescue Service,

I'm looking to highlight the worst streets in Scotland for Badly Parked/Double Parked cars that have frequently caused delays to crews reaching a shout.

Please could you provide a list of street and if possible broken down into station area.

I am very aware that delays of any length can prove vital in an emergency situation and would like campaign to help minimise these situations.

Yours faithfully,

David Smith

Information Governance Team, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

Dear David Smith,

 Freedom of Information Request

Thank you for your request for information.

Your request will be processed in accordance with Freedom of Information
(Scotland) Act 2002. The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service has 20 working
days in which to provide you with a response.

Please note that this request has been given a unique Reference Number
therefore please ensure that you quote this number in any future

Yours sincerely
Information Governance Team
Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

Dear Information Governance Team,

I was wondering if you have forgotten about my request as I should have received a response no later than 17th November 2017.

Please advise when you expect to be able to provide a response.

Thank you

Yours sincerely,

David Smith