Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

I wanted to know what financial support someone would receive if after being on ESA for over 6 months and they start working full time hours.

If someone had a few long term health conditions eg Diabetes/mental health issues.

If someone had a visible disability eg wheel chair bound.

Please advise what is the cut off amount that they would not receive help.
For example, if someone who was classed as disabled, they would not receive help if they earned more than £17K.
Is there different levels/criteria between Working tax credit and Universal Credit?
Are they different levels/criteria between someone who does not look disabled but has a health condition that affects them and someone who has a visible disability?

You are legally bound to respond within 20wk days.


Yours faithfully,

Jenny Jones

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Yours sincerely,

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Thanks but It is still not clear

Yours sincerely,

Jenny Lace

Department for Work and Pensions

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