Average wait times for Adult Social Work Needs Assessments

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Dear Buckinghamshire County Council,

I would like you to provide stats on the average wait times for an Adult Social Work needs assessment over the last 3 years. If possible please break it down by month. If the above breaches the maximum aloud to spend (Section 12 of the FOIA) on a request please prioritise the last year.

I expect a response within 20 working Days.

Yours faithfully,

Euan McCutcheon

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Freedom of Information Mailbox, Buckinghamshire County Council

Dear Mr McCutcheon




Thank you for contacting Buckinghamshire County Council. We apologise for
the delay in replying.


Your request for information has now been considered and the information
you have requested is as follows:


Please note: This data includes assessments for new clients and
re-assessments for existing clients.


Average days Average days Average days
2016-17 waiting for a 2017-18 waiting for a 2018-19 waiting for a
needs assessment needs needs
assessment assessment
April 39.5 April 43.5 April 36.4
May 42.3 May 53.6 May 43.6
June 50.8 June 44.7 June 48.2
July 29.1 July 45.6 July 85.1
August 33.9 August 46.0 August 47.6
September 39.6 September 40.9
October 36.4 October 50.1
November 55.8 November 45.0
December 47.7 December 45.7
January 35.5 January 48.0
February 54.3 February 47.0
March 34.4 March 47.0



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