Average wait times for Adult Social Work Needs Assessments

Currently waiting for a response from Clackmannanshire Council, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Clackmannanshire Council,

I would like you to provide stats on the average wait times for an Adult Social Work needs assessment over the last 2 years. (2018 & 2019) If possible please break it down by month.

Yours faithfully,

C N Bruce

Samantha Neary, Clackmannanshire Council

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-None- C N Bruce Contact: Samantha Neary
Tel. No: 01259 450000
Ref: PEO0322327
Date: 08/11/2019

Dear -None- Bruce

Freedom of Information : PEO0322327

I acknowledge receipt of your request for information which was received
on 08/11/2019 about Wait Time for Social Care Assessments.   It will be
forwarded to the appropriate Council Service for action and you should
receive a response, or a request for clarification by 06/12/2019. If there
is a need to clarify anything relating to your request, colleagues will
contact you.  

If you have any queries about this letter, please contact me.  

Yours sincerely

Samantha Neary

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Dear Clackmannanshire Council,

For the avoidance of doubt to clarify, I omitted to specify Adult Social Work Assessment from initial contact to Report Finalisation.

I see from a previous similar request improvements have been made to Assessment timescales year on year.

Yours faithfully,

C N Bruce