Average rents for Haringey Council's rented dwelling stock for 2017-18

Paul Burnham made this Freedom of Information request to Haringey Borough Council

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The request was successful.

Dear Haringey Borough Council,

Please supply average rents for Haringey Council's rented dwelling stock for 2017-18

(weekly rents, exclusive of service charge)

Bedsit and one bedroom (taken together please)
Two bedrooms
Three bedrooms
Four bedrooms
Five bedrooms
Six or more bedrooms

NB This is for comparability with the London Affordable Rent Benchmark figures.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Burnham


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Dear Mr Burnham
Freedom of Information Request: Reference LBH/6708217
I acknowledge your request for information received on 12 October 2017.
This information request will be dealt with in accordance with the Freedom
of Information Act 2000 / Environmental Information Regulations and we
will send the response by 09 November 2017.
Yours Truly
Denica Benfield I Feedback Officer
Homes for Haringey
Broadwater Farm Community Centre I London I N17 6HE
Tel: 0208 489 5611 (option 8)
E: [1][email address]

Davey Pete,

Dear Mr Burnham,


LBH/ 6708217 Average rents for Haringey Council's rented dwelling stock
for 2017-18

Freedom of Information Act Request


Thank you for your email dated 11^th October 2017.


The information requested is below.


Average Average weekly
weekly weekly rent
social affordable for all
Property size rent rent tenures
Bedsit/1bedroom £89.06 £209.41 £89.08
2 bedroom £103.95 £232.77 £104.07
3 bedroom £119.12 £223.37 £119.26
4 bedroom £135.44 £294.06 £135.97
5 bedroom £156.58 £321.92 £159.70
6+ bedroom £164.62 N/A £164.62
All dwellings £103.89 £248.14 £104.03



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3149 or email at [1][email address]


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Feedback and Information Governance Team

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Information Commissioner

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Yours sincerely,



Pete Davey

Head of IT

Homes for Haringey

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Dear colleague

Could I just ask you to check and confirm these figures, as
the rent for an affordable 3 bedroom at £223.37 is shown to be £9.40 lower than for an affordable 2 bedroom at £232.77?

Thank you

Yours sincerely,

Paul Burnham

Davey Pete,

Dear Mr Burnham,

Thank you for your email follow up received yesterday.

I can confirm that the affordable rent figures supplied are correct, although I agree they are counter intuitive.

The Council's policy is to set affordable rents at a proportion of actual market rents based on the size of the property. The council's agreed proportions for each property size are set out below:

Housing Strategy Rents
No. of bedrooms % of market rent
1 bed 70%
2 bed 65%
3 bed 55%
4bed+ 45%

So, 3 bedroom rents are set at 55% of market rents whilst 2 bedrooms are at 65%.

The other variation comes from the open market rent for the location of the property. So, a 3 bedroom property in the east of the borough will have lower market rent compared to a 2 bedroom in the west of the borough, where rents are higher.

I trust that this explains the variation.

Yours sincerely,

Pete Davey
Head of IT
Homes for Haringey
Telephone: T 020 8489 3149
Mobile  07980 316696
E-Mail EEEmailto:[email address]

Dear Pete,

Thank you for your informative reply.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Burnham