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Dear Heriot-Watt University,

Under Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, I wish to receive the following information within 20 working days. Please provide the following in a single file comprehensibly stated word document:
a) The average expected study hours per course on a weekly basis. Please ensure this information includes all the courses your institution offers and clearly displays what academic school the course is part of.
Please also ensure that all academic years of the course are included in the figure, meaning to say, that if a student was enrolled in ‘course x’ for which he/she was expected to spend 15 hours of study hours per week in year 1; 15 hours in year 2; 18 hours in year 3; and 20 hours in year 4; the average (mean) amount of study hours of that entire course would be 17 hours per week.
b) Using the same formula, the average class time per course on a weekly basis.
c) The average of study hours of all those courses put together.
d) The average of class time of all those courses put together.

Yours faithfully,
Jeroen van Herk

Freedom Of Information,, Heriot-Watt University

Automated Acknowledgement

Thank you for your information request. As a Scottish University, we
comply with our country’s own legislation: either the Freedom of
Information (Scotland) Act 2002 or the Environmental Information
(Scotland) Regulations 2004.

We are continuing to receive a high volume of information requests and so
we aim to respond within the statutory deadline, taking into account any
Scottish Bank Holidays.

If you are contacting the University in respect of your own personal
information or data, please redirect your request to
[1][email address]

Scottish Information Commissioner Guidelines

Further information about timescales for responding to requests for
information and your rights under Scottish legislation can be found on the
Scottish Information Commissioner's website:


or by contacting the Scottish Information Commissioner's Office at the
following address:

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