Availability of slots in the online appointment system for SET(O) applications

Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, UK Border Agency should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

Dear Sir or Madam,
I have been trying to book an appointment for a premium application using the online appointment system and unable to see any slots available in any of the offices for any of the days or weeks. I have been trying since 20th Oct and haven't come across anything so far. Is there a date when the appointments are released? I am told that people have been successful in getting appointments through solicitors who charge upwards of £500 just for the appointment. How do they manage to get the same? Shouldn't public have access to when the appointments are released?

Yours faithfully,

Gia A left an annotation ()

An update from UKBA will be greatly appreciate.

I too am a victim of the same issue. Need to get a premium application made so that I can travel.
At public enquiry office, every one gives different picture. some say - January slots are booked, some say January slots are not yet made available.

There is a total lack of transparency, so much chaos and panic regarding premium applications.

Moreover, some immigration consultancies are able to guarantee a personal appointment and same day service. But these popular consultancies charge over 1300 pounds!!


KUMAR left an annotation ()

Absolutely no clarity on how these appointments are booked
I have been calling since mid October for December appointments and no luck
Now they are saying no appointments till December and we dont book for January

vito left an annotation ()

I constantly (evry 5 minutes or so) check appointments on https://ukbabooking.homeoffice.gov.uk

The last time appointments were released in late October (for the appointment dates on 21-24 December). During last 3 weeks (since late October) "no appointments available" so far (neither for December nor for January).

This is not normal. No information provided neither about when (how often) appoinments to be released, nor about how many places available (and why solicitors can book appointments for the specific dates, while the applicants can not). No transparency whatsoever.


a aal left an annotation ()

I have been trying online and by phone for over 6 weeks with no success. I am logged on the website 24/7, we have a rota system at home so three of us share the search. I ring 2-3 times per day(expensive option) and been getting the same answer, no appointments available.
Initially they said no appointments even in January 2010, the website gives dates including the week starting 18/01/2010. Now the message on phone changed to no appointments released beyond 31/12/2009.
Due to personal circumstances, It would be difficult for me to apply by post because the waiting time is very long 4-6 months, I`ve heard that someone`s application took 8 months.

Vishal left an annotation ()

I have been doing the same since the last 6 weeks. when you call them they says that you need to use the online service which i feel doesn't work! also they say that they have dates available only till end of December and all booked but the website shows January dates too. some clarity will help!

Alex left an annotation ()

Same situation. Have been trying to book an appointment for 3 weeks already, clicking on the web site 5-6 times during the day each day. Why does it have to be so difficult to handle a simple thing like appointments booking!
Would be glad to see some official response about this problem.


CW left an annotation ()

I too have been puzzled by the online and phone booking system for individuals which seem to give out very few appointments whilst immigration solicitors and agents are still able to book slots and therefore charging premium fees. I'd like to see the detailed figures for

* overall number of appointments made available each day/week/month

* number of appointments from above allocated to individuals

* number of appointments allocated to solicitors/agents.


Muhammad Nadeem left an annotation ()

Unfortunately every one is having same problem, no response coming from UK border Agency. I think they are sleeping or don't care if people keep suffering. I think we need to involve media. we should inform BBC and news papers like Sun and telegraph to find out how the solicitors get premium appointment immediately and others are struggling to get one........!

Jacob left an annotation ()

Managed to get a slot for 4th December yesterday (2nd Dec) - totally unexpected, pure luck. Still doesn't answer the question how the appointments are released

Gia A left an annotation ()

Congrats Jacob.. Lucky you! I had to finally shell out money for getting my case represented by an OISC agent.. and I still did not get same day service! got a weekend service..

Ms Nairne left an annotation ()

Same situation for me, I had to shell out for a solicitor, almost the same price as the application itself! Any information would be useful...

vito left an annotation ()

Similar issue raised by me via another request here - http://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/ho...


Purnima left an annotation ()

Purnima (10/01/2010)

I totally agree with all the above. I have been an victim of this too. Have been trying for an appointment since october last year, and no luck on phone or online.

It will be great to know when the appointments are released.

There may be a scandal here, when internal staff must be 'swallowing' the nrewly released appointments and 'selling' it to the solicitors. I wonder if media/police can take this matter up for scrutiny?

I too need a premium service as I don't have the luxury to wait indefinitely for my passports to return, due to travel plans.

A clarification from UKBA is highly necessary and over due.

We need transperancy of the booking system.

Ms London left an annotation ()

I tried since October as well and was sucessful in Dec. I noticed that the appointmetns are released online late in the evening each second Friday (this is an observation based on 2 months of monitoring the online system daily). I actually got an apppintment by phone as they are adding up a day every day, you just need to find out what the day they are distributing now. Gook luck.

Purnima left an annotation ()

thank you very much for your response. i will try friday eve...I had called the number often on different times, but always got an "all appointment full" answer.
But your response has given me hope.
Have a wonderful New Year.

Ms London left an annotation ()

with phone, ask them till what date they are bokking for, even it is all booked. if you need appointment within the time they are ready to book (but have no slots), i would try online system onwards. For 3 months I was trying I had seen 3 times appoinments have appeared online (quite a lot of them), all on friday evenings )) and they all been gone by Monday afternoon.

Purnima left an annotation ()

Thankyou for the additional tips. I will try them, and hopefully be successful. Will let you know.
Take care

amith left an annotation ()

From my experince they release online slots sometime between 16.45 and 18.30 .I had seen slots on Wednesday and Friday(today made by booking for feb 25th, i didnt see any slots for march ). make sure that you check all the dates not only teh recent dates ,Croydon is the most possible center Make sure that you make separate appointment for each dependants ,that is for a family of three there will be three transaction ids nad reference ids

roman left an annotation ()

I tried to book online last week (never done it before)- at the first attempt it was Birmingham around 20th of feb 2010 available. I figured out that I can travel there since nothing was available in Croydon till April, but then I got confused with the appointment for my wife and daughter, so had to call them and bang! - was told that there was appointment available in Croydon at 9 am on 20th of Jan. So was there today and got ILR in my passport by 1 pm!
Some tips - bring any docs you have i.e.: payslips, p60, employment letters, Life in the UK tests (although I applied unde HSMP judical review I was asked to produce these) - anything will do since they may ask for some docs that are not listed on the application form. Also marriage sertificate if you married. Did not have to bring my daughter (6yrs) along to the appointment.
cheers , Roman

roman left an annotation ()

Guys, I still have a single appointment for 23.02.10 in Birmingham - did not cancel it yet (funny enough - they charge you through 0870 even if you want to cancel it since it cant be done online). Will be calling them around 10 am tomorrow to cancel it so pls check online around this time if mine goes back onto the system. I know its some sort of a russian roulette but thats all I can do for you.

Rowena left an annotation ()

Hi guys,I have been trying as well for the past 3 weeks but to no avail.. it is really frustrating when the home office implements something which does not really work. Furthermore, why are they making it so difficult for all of us to apply for something that we are entitled to? anyway, thanks you for all the tips and i will try to book my appointment later, wish me luck..

Rowena left an annotation ()

Hi guys, thanks for everything. managed to book an appointment by following all the tips that everyone has given. got the ILR on the 11th of February and I was so relieved... i was on the verge of giving up as i have been trying to book for almost 2 hours until, booom!!! 2 appointment dates came up... i have done it on a friday between 16:45 till 18:28 to be exact. just keep on trying and goodluck to all.

S Garg left an annotation ()

Hi All
Just call the 08706067766 number sharp at 9am and hold untill your call is answered and be prepared to travel to any one of the \PRO offices. I am sure you will get the appointment.
I have tried and got it for my daughter and now myself too.
Online booking sucks.

Purnima left an annotation ()

Thank you to every body for your tips. Finally one day I did get through and got an appointment for 20th feb. So you see it is over for me, I got the PR.
Although I tried to write here to inform about the same,immediately after i got the appointment, the system did not post it perhaps due to some error. So I am trying again today. Hope this gets posted.
Thanks to all again, the bottom line is we need to keep trying till the booking system is made transperent.
Good luck to all.

CambSheik left an annotation ()


I am ready to go to any centre for getting my PR/ILR.

Can any one please tell me when you tried online booking did you keep trying for 1 centres or all?

They have some concept where you cannot choose set of dates and set of centres. Only option available to choose wider searech are
1) 1 centre & 2) Dates on weekly basis

Thanks in advance

Purnima left an annotation ()

I used to keep the week selection steady. and for that week would select each centre one by one, first the centre the closest to me then all other centres. I also selected the timing option for both am/pm.
when I ran out of all centres then I would select the next week and go over the above step again, until I finished all the weeks on the system.
I would repeat the sequence on different time of the day and as often as I could.
Hope this helps,
good luck, keep trying & u will succed.

Rajesh left an annotation ()

I have booked appointment 24 hrs before. Till havent received confirmation mail. what should i do ?

Daniel left an annotation ()

Hello I am trying to book an appointment at Croydon for BR1 through the phone every morning and online after 4:30pm every day, since 3 weeks, but still no success. Do you know when do they release dates and hours and how can I get an appointment?Thanks

Micheline left an annotation ()

I was wondering if anyone succeeded in booking that appointment in Croydon for BR1. It's been weeks since I am trying and no luck. Yesterday I called again and I was told there are only online bookings available. They are no longer taking appointments over the phone.
One day, one week ago, I logged in at 4.30 pm and there were some available dates for booking. I tried to write my details twice and each time got system error. Does anyone have by any chance other ideas?

Victoria left an annotation ()

Hie guys, has Antony been success with a solicitor? Please let me know of any reliable agencies.

Saravanan Ganesan left an annotation ()

Hi Victoria ,

I suggest you book online appointments.The appointments are released 42 days in advance. If you log in by 12:15 am , you will get your appointment for 42 days from the day you log in. If you need earlier date, then you need to keep on checking, there are good chances that some of the appointments get cancelled and you stand a chance of getting one.

Victoria left an annotation ()

Hie Saravanan

Is there a specific day when l should log on? Have you been successful in getting an appointment at this time?

Saravanan Ganesan left an annotation ()

Dear Victoria ,
If you can log on Monday to Friday in the website early morning 12:15 am , I am sure you will get a appointment on 42 days in any of the PEO's in UK.

Coming to myself, I have not booked in advance. Since I am off job now, I was alomost 20 hrs in the system and use to keep on trying and got appointments in various PEO.

I heard that there are some quotas for the the registered solicitors who charge almost £500 + their fees for the appointments and I am not sure of that.

I suggest you keep trying in various timings. (You will get when people who cancel)

sanmig left an annotation ()

I did try the suggestions here, 11:55pm the website for UKBA's Online Booking becomes too busy and even crashes. Just keep on trying and trying. The website will continue to be crashing/busy until 12:30am... after that, the chances of getting an online booking is good. I got mine after 1 hr and 45 mins of try. Goodluck guys!


Mona Bozdog left an annotation ()

I've got the same problem, have been trying for 2 weeks now, the phone is out of the question, no chances there, and the online booking system keeps crashing. I can only book in Croydon sine i'm applying with BR1 so my chances are slim leaning towards non-existent. I don't mind getting the appointment in December, January, even February but i would really like to know i have it so i can focus on something else. If i fill in the date 42 days later that the day i'm applying on in the first field, what date should go in the second field? Thank you. Best wishes and good-luck!

dora left an annotation ()

Hello, I tried at 12 am and there were appointments available, but the website is crashing. Still waiting for a confirmation that it has been booked....

Saravanan Ganesan left an annotation ()

Dear Dora,
You will be able to check , when you re-login again. If you do not find any booking on your log-in, it means that your previous appointment was unsuccessful.

You need to do it again. Please try between 12 : 15 to 12 : 30 am , more chances you may get.

All the best

Saravanan Ganesan

Tosya left an annotation ()

I am trying to book an appointment at Croydon for FLR (M)
Do you know when do they release dates and hours and how can I get an appointment?

Thanks a lot.

Ella left an annotation ()

The instructions read that one is to apply somewhere between 28 days before expiry and the expiry date of the permit to stay . This brings me to the time slot 4-30 March. As all of the above, I have been trying to book an appointment in that time slot now for more than a week. What will my legal status be if I only can find a slot after my permit has expired? Do you think I still have a chance in finding a March slot?

Saravanan Ganesan left an annotation ()

Dear Ella,
You should have tried before 42 days of the date you need appointment. Any way try you luck. I am sure you have to apply before your due date of your visa expiry. Try and apply by Premium service through appointment (if you are documents are very clear and the almighty have little mercy on you , you may get your visa on the same day ) or else send by POST before the due date (which will take atleast 8 to 10 months on the current situation ). YOU WILL END UP IN DEPORTATION IF YOU DONT APPLY BEFORE THE DATE.


[Statutory Warning: Members/Viewers are advised to make thorough inquiries before acting upon any description displayed on my behalf.Please note, I am not a solicitor and my advice is my knowledge gained and sharing for my fellow humans ]

Jujhar left an annotation ()

I need appointment for myself and 2 dependent my wife and son.So when I try for all together I could not find any avilable dates but when I asked only for myself that time I can see dates so is there any otherways i can do the search plsease let me know .Thanks Jujhar

ADELLA left an annotation ()

There is a girl who helped me to book an appointment at UK Border Agency.

I give you her email for you to contact her, maybe she can help you to book an appointment:


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