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Jack Maxwell made this Freedom of Information request to Home Office

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The request was refused by Home Office.

Dear Home Office,

The Independent Chief Inspector's report of February 2020 noted that, 'towards the end of 2017', the Home Office found that a 'small number' of failed right to abode applicants had been automatically referred for consideration of enforcement action, despite the individual having been in the UK for a considerable number of years (see at p.5-6).

Please provide the following information:

(1) How many cases were automatically referred for consideration for enforcement action as a result?

(2) How many of these cases involved Windrush individuals?

(3) How many of these individuals were detained, deported or subject to any other enforcement action as a result?

In the event that you determine some of the information I have requested to be exempt from disclosure, please redact exempt information with black boxes, instead of snipping or excerpting, and please state which category of exemption you believe applies to the information.

If it is not possible to provide the information requested due to the information exceeding the cost of compliance limits identified in s.12 FOIA, please provide advice and assistance as to how I can refine my request, as required under s.16 FOIA.

Yours faithfully,

Jack Maxwell

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FOI Requests, Home Office

Dear Jack Maxwell,

Thank you for contacting the Home Office with your request.

This has been assigned to a caseworker (case ref 61541). We will aim to send you a full response by 07/01/2021 which is twenty working days from the date we received your request.


N McKenzie
Home Office

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FOI Responses, Home Office

1 Attachment

Dear Mr Maxwell


FOI 61541


Please find attached a letter in response to your FOI request of 4
December 2020.


Yours sincerely



Customer Performance and Improvement




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