ATOS - what organisations / who or what does it own / control in the UK? DWP? Remploy? Who else?

Cabinet Office did not have the information requested.

Dear Cabinet Office,

REMPLOY is apparently owned by the DWP and the DWP has access to all REMPLOY's records?

The government subcontracted the health assessment testing for DLA,IB (until it disappears) to ATOS (a private French company) , who also runs the I.T infrastructure of the DWP and carry out health screening and assessments on all Brtish Civil Servants?
Apparently Gordon Brown arranged the award of the contract and David Cameron continues to allow this?

I would like to know how true the above is please. Please can you set out exactly how this happened, who took the decisions, and what the current situation is re: who owns or controls who, and how private are people's records when they approach the DWP to claim disability / sickness benefits?

I would like to know exactly what ATOS owns or controls in the UK? DWP? Remploy?
Who else? How far does ATOS control go in the DWP?
Or what PARTS / aspects of the DWP / Remploy or other organisations?

What does ATOS control / own in France or other countries?

I would like to see any related documents.

Does the French government pay ATOS millions to likewise abuse French citizens' basic rights?

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

[P. Smith].

Dear Cabinet Office,

Who is ATOS ultimately answerable to?

Who wrote the instructions?

What instructions is ATOS obeying?

What is the true ultimate aim of UK Government policy / whoever is responsible, re sickness benefits?

Saying "work is good for you", when someone is sick, e.g.: has cancer, is utterly meaningless and cruel. (It smacks of "work makes you free".)

Has the approach of Central Government / ATOS / DWP towards the sick, vulnerable, and disabled in the UK been approved by the European Parliament's Human Rights committee / or similar body?

Is the French Government and European Parliament aware of what ATOS is doing to UK sick and disabled and vulnerable citizens? Do they approve?

I would like to see all relevant documents please.

Who can UK citizens appeal to when it's own government is not listening to them, and continues to undermine / withdraw vital support / harm it's own people?

Yours faithfully,

[P. Smith].

Cabinet Office





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Dear [P. Smith]

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