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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

Referring to the below copied from the ESA handbook could you please provide me with electronic copies of ALL evidence based protocols relating to mental health conditions that are issued to the Disability Analysts working in Atos Healthcare.

3.7 Guidance on Specific Conditions – Mental Health
The reader is referred to the Atos Healthcare Evidence Based
Protocols for the Disability Analyst. These protocols have been
issued to all Disability Analysts working in Atos Healthcare. If
you do not have a copy, this can be accessed by contacting your
local MSC.

Could you also provide information as to whether the Disability Analyst training that Healthcare Professionals receive is an "in-house" training provided by Atos e.g., not medically recognised or recorded by GMC,NMC or otherwise

Finally can you confirm that HCPs working for Atos have variety of qualifications.
Eg. Fully registered GP with additional qualifications
Registered Nurse Grade 1 no additional qualifications

And that both the above are considered by yourselves to have the same and ability to conduct medical assessment to the same level.

Yours faithfully,

Miss Smith

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Dear Miss Smith,

Please find attached response to your Freedom of Information request.

<<4077-4357 Miss Smith Response.pdf>> <<Adjustment Disorders and
PTSD.doc>> <<Alcohol Related Disorders.doc>> <<Anxiety.doc>> <<Bipolar
Disorders Version 2 Final.doc>> <<Depression.doc>> <<Eating
Disorders.doc>> <<Learning Disabilities.doc>> <<OCD.doc>> <<Organic
Disorders.doc>> <<Personality Disorders.doc>> <<Schizophrenia 2
Final.doc>> <<Substance Use Disorders.doc>>

Thank you

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