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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

G-Cloud from Atos is being used by Central Government, Local Government, Health and industry, including the Home office, Cabinet Office etc.. details about G Cloud are displayed on the Government Web Pages

A Cloud company which will be headquartered in Europe, whereby the majority of funding will come from Atos, is called “Canopy” This is described as a one-stop shop for Cloud Computing – and one that might provide a viable model for US vendors coping with restrictive European data protection rules.

1) Is G Cloud (or Canopy) used by the DWP.

Atos are corporate members of Cloud Security Alliance (CSI) along with Ebay, HP, Siemens, and the US Department of Defence etc..

2) If the DWP uses G Cloud/Canopy could you provide details of the additional measures which are taken by the DWP to protect our data..

Yours faithfully,

B. Adams

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B. Adams left an annotation ()

A lot of Power given to one private company. Access to all of our information, Easy avoidance of European data protection rules, and policed by themselves along with the US Department of Defence etc..

Alex Brown left an annotation ()

I think you misunderstand G Cloud. It is a framework contract for UK government (local and national) for purchasing cloud services from a number of companies (including Atos, IBM and others). I believe that all services are government accredited with data held in the UK with UK security cleared staff running it. provides a good background and gives contact details for asking questions.