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Dear Department for Work and Pensions.

On the 14th of April I asked a two part question, the second part of the question was:
"Exactly how much experience does the Atos HCP need to have
and exactly what training do they undertake before he/she
is qualified to assess a person with Fibromyalgia or any
other specific condition?"

Your answer did not say EXACTLY what extra training was given with regard to Fibromyalgia and although they must have "3 years post registration experience", it did not state EXACTLY what sort of 'experience' they must have.
Does the extra training given to HCPs assessing claimants consist of an intensive and detailed training course over a number of days or weeks, followed by an examination; or, does it consist of simply reading and completing:

'Continuing Medical Education Programme Fibromyalgia -
Guidelines for the Disability Analyst
Version 4 Final
Module: 14.' ??

What, if any 'specific' experience must assessors have during the 3 years after registration?
i.e. There are numerous nursing qualifications, all registered with the NMC; a nurse who spends 3 years working as an 'SN' (school nurse) would not have the same practical experience as an 'RN7' (a level 2 general nurse)

Yours faithfully,

C. Glazebrook

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J Roberts left an annotation ()

Some may be interested in this video that was made secretly and which shows the training that ATOS provides for its HCPs. The full version is also available.

DWP DWP Medical Services Correspondence, Department for Work and Pensions

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Dear C Glazebrook

Please see your FOI response attached

Kind regards

Health & Disability Assessments (Operations)/Department for Work and Pensions/2nd Floor/Peel Park/ Brunel Way/Blackpool/FY4 5ESS

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William Hammonds left an annotation ()

Atos HCP can misrepresent a client in all wca reports.
The only way to put a stop to this is to have an audio recording made of the wca.
Atos will offer to supply the audio equipment. When you arrive at your wca they will ask you to sign a waiver which states that you will not use the recording for any other purpose than to assist your claim. After all, the recording will belong to them and they can decide what a copy can be used for.
If you have a wca booked you can take your own recording equipment as long as you give formal notice that you intend to record.
This will make the recording yours, and you can use it to prosecute the HCP privately. The Hcp can not hide behind the corporation when accused of misrepresentation which has caused loss or harm.
Small claims courts were designed to simplify claims, and I can assure you that you will be surprised at how easy it can be to prosecute. One step above small claims courts are fast track courts. These courts are also a breeze. Try visiting any of these courts and ask an official how to make a claim, they will gladly help you as it is in their interest to have the business.