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Dear Ministry of Defence,

I recently made a series of requests for information, which were allocated the following numbers:

FOI2018/00480, 00481, 00551 and 00554.

You sent a response recently which informed me that these four requests had been refused under Section 12(4) of the FOI Act. You further advised me how I might refine or reduce the scope of my requests, for which I am grateful. I am therefore resubmitting this new request, which has been limited and framed so as to reduce the costs of compiling your response.

I request a listing of companies that have acted as Design Authorities for Viking and Vigilant aircraft since their entry into service. For your information, this date appears to have been around 1984.

I further request copies of DAOS expositions (formal submissions), DAOS related audit reports, and formal DAOS certification documents for the companies so authorised.

Please note that this request is not limited to authorisations granted by the MAA under their DAOS scheme instituted post 2010. A comprehensive Design Authority approval scheme was already in place within the MoD when these aircraft were originally purchased.

To assist, I can confirm that Slingsby Aviation Limited were, in 2002, the 'designated Design Authority' for the Viking aircraft. It is likely that this company was the original DA.

To further assist, I have accessed the MAA's Approved Companies listing on the website, and I understand that the current DAOS authorisation (UK.MAA.DAOS.0153 for Marshalls of Cambridge Aerospace Ltd) allows for 'Development of Viking Glider aircraft'. I would be grateful for confirmation that this approval also covers design of modifications and approvals of repair schemes. If this is self evident in the DAOS certification document that I have requested, no separate confirmation is required.

Yours faithfully,

Stephen George

DSA-Enquiries (MULTIUSER),

Dear Mr George


Thank you for your email.


Your request has been logged under our reference FOI2018/02051 and the
target date for response is 8 March 2018.




DSA Secretariat




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