Assistant Chief Constable Rachel Bacon SAVES Chief Constable Winton Keenen's Bacon by her Whitewash and cover up 'investigation' (28-09-2018 'report')

Martin McGartland made this Freedom of Information request to Northumbria Police This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

The request was refused by Northumbria Police.

Martin McGartland

Martin McGartland

31 October 2018

Dear Northumbria Police,

Assistant Chief Constable Rachel Bacon SAVES Chief Constable Winton Keenen's Bacon by her Whitewash and cover up 'investigation' (28-09-2018 'report') and her, Vera Baird Circumvented local resolution of a complaint against Winton Keenen which included allegations of him wilfully misleading IPCC/IOPC NP dirty tricks and smear campaign against me (of which Winton Keenen and Team Winton continue to cover-up). A complaint an allegations which ACC Bacom Vera Baird (and even Winton Keenen are well aware would NOT suitable for local resolution, i.e. the complaint contains allegations of a seriou nature which could justify disciplinary or criminal proceedings if proven to the required standard. A cover up and a whitewash by ACC Bacon (Her boss Winton of Keenen) and PCC Vera Baird to protect Winton Keenen.

The Whitewash 'report' (which is farr from a report) includes the following Lies from Winton Keenen and repeated by ACC Bacon in her Whitewash and cover-up 'report'; 'In support of CC Keenen's adherence to the Codes Ethics is the fact that he has authorised a reinvestigation of this attempted murder case including the issues surrounding the media release by an independent police force. The aim of this is to achieve an independent investigation which has the confidence of Mr McGartland.'

The above statement from Winton Keenen (repeated and included within ACC Bacon whitewash and cover...) is another BIG Fat Winton Keenen LIE. The fact are as follows;

1. Winton Keenen has NEVER authorised an 'independent' investigation or a reinvestigation by 'an independent police force' into my attempted murder case. That is a fact.

2. Winton Keenen has NEVER authorised an 'independent' investigation into NP's dirty tricks, smear campaign against me (that which ACC Bacon claims was 'the media release' by an independent police force'. That too is another Winton Keenen BIG Fat LIE. That is also a fact.

3. Winton Keenen has (at every stage of being a Chief Office - between 2014 and todate) has refused each and every request from me as the victim for an independent investigation into my 19 year old unsolved (due to the most serious corruption by him, NP) attempted murder case.;

Winton Keenen has been wilfully obstructing an external investigation in to not only my attempted murder case BUT also NP's dirty tricks, smear campaign against me (which Winton Keenen has been - and remains to this day - party to the cover up of NP's smearing of me. Has been protecting those involved from investigation. And he, Team Winton (other Bent NP officers) has been covering up the cover up.

4. Winton Keenen, Team Winton has also been obstructing investigation into the smearing of me by wilfully concealing compelling evidence from IPCC/IOPC, wilfully misleading the IOPC/IPCC in a desperate attempt to disapply my smear complaints (by lying to IPCC/IOPC that it has already been investigated when he knew that he himself refused to investigate the complaint back in 2006-2009. See here, in Winton's own hand:

I would refer reader to page 7 (complaint 19) which reads: "Stated to the press that the shooting had nothing at all to do with PIRA, but that it was related to local gangs, drug dealers, who had carried out the shooting.'

Winton Keenen (even way back then in 2009) was covering up, lying when it concerned my cases, He told IPCC case officers, at meeting he attended with them, that I had entered into a legal agreement with Northumbria Police in which he claimed (Another BIG Fat LIE) that I had agreed never to complain about the smearing of me. Winton Keenen then Whitewashed my above complaint (as part of the 19 year to date NP cover up / corruption) by Circumventing the following (refer reader to page 23 -Winton Keenen reply which states : 'This allegation was considered by Northumbria Police and assessed as being a direction and control issue. ....... ........... ........ The complaint is also dealt with under the contractual agreement agreed by Mr McGartland.' LIES, MORE LIES, Cover Ups and Corruption.

Winton Keenen, Team Winton (7 years on - in 2016 and up until this day continues to repeat that LIE about the content of an agreement that he is aware he has Lied about and engineered. The evidence in my cases is as clear as day. ) Why is Vera Baird, ACC Bacon and others (including IPCC/IOPC) doing nothing - looking both ways. All of them are aware of this as well as a great deal more.

5. Winton Keenen, Team Winton Lied to Richard Heron (who in turn repeated the Lie to PCC Baird) that NP had already accepted that they were behind the smearing of me, that they had apologised to me soon after. Fact 1: Winton Keenen, Team Winton and NP - to this day, more than 19 years later - have NEVER accepted that NP smeared me. As above, Winton and Team Winton have been blocking and obstructing any type of external investigation, is protecting those behind smearing .... Fact 2: Winton Keenen, Team Winton and NP (despite all of the conclusive and independent evidence to prove NP was behind the smearing of me. And that NP has been covered it up for past 19 years) continues to cover up and ignore all of the evidence and are STILL in total denial (IT is CORRUPTION Rachel / Vera BUT not as we know it. There are many other examples (but that's for later - I promise) ....

Under the FOIA I would like you to supply me with all information you hold, as supplied by Winton Keenen, which relates to this matter and the ACC Bacon Whitewash and cover-up of my complaint against Winton Keenen.

I suspect that NP will also break the Law - once again - by ignoring this latest request, by not answering it.

Yours faithfully,

Martin McGartland