Assets owned by Birmingham City Council

Jonathan Walker made this Freedom of Information request to Birmingham City Council

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The request was successful.

Dear Birmingham City Council,

On August 5 2011 the Department for Communities and Local Government published details of assets, such as land and properties, owned by a number of local authorities. However, assets owned by Birmingham City Council were not published.

Please could you provide me with details of all land and property owned by Birmingham City Council, including:

Asset name (eg Moseley Leisure Centre). If the land or property has no clear name then please provide a generic description of the asset instead (eg football pitch).

Asset address

Asset use (eg shop, leisure centre, library)

Asset value. If this is not available then please provide any information you do have to do with the estimated value of Birmingham City Council assets.

Yours faithfully,

Jonathan Walker

Birmingham City Council

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Following your Freedom of Information request, I have attached a reply
regards Terry Clayson
Birmingham Property Services
[email address]

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