Assessment of Risks of Civil Wat In the Eevent of a Liberal Democrat Victory in an Election

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Dear Ministry of Defence Police,

Please provide information to date on the assessments undertaken by Government of the risks of Civil War should there be a Liberal Democrat victory at the next election or any other party either in or not in coalition which will overturn Brexit?


1. What is the Government's assessment of the risk of Civil War in that event of that cliff plummet, how would it impact on the Government's ability to provide essentially services, especially health, and to what extent will it restrict freedom of movement in the UK? For example, will there be 1970s style Northern Ireland curfews on our streets and how many years would it need before liberty - and democracy - is rettained?

2. To what extent does the Government consider that any popular uprising of many millions will require a military response from the Liberal Democrat or other similar Government. Would it, for example, be 10, 100 or 1,000 times the sort of response that the Conservative Government took against Miners in the early 1980s? Would it involve merely water cannon or a constant military presence with frequent use of tanks on our streets, in a warp of liberal ideology ?

3. If no such assessments have been undertaken, then would you please provide information on the plans to make such assessments. And would you also in your reply please place this in the historical context of the mid-late 1940s when Whitehall officially considered that there would be revolution in this country largely on account of starvation. A situation that was only saved following the Americans' refusal of Maynard Keynes's requests by a personal request from Winston Churchill?

Would the new Liberal Democrat or other Government be more or less precarious which, by definition, would suggest the fabric of what used to be an establishment which was supportive and could be admired rather than utterly loathed by half the country?

Yours faithfully,

Jeremy Harrison

MDP-FOI-DP (MULTIUSER), Ministry of Defence Police

Good Morning Mr Harrison,

Please could we clarify that you do have sent 2 separate FOI requests to the Ministry of Defence Police.
They are both similar requests.

Kind regards
MDP Freedom of Information Office

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Thank you for your very prompt response which has arrived in the last ten minutes.

I appreciate it.

Yes - I am happy to confirm that this is one request and not two. The first version of it was typed badly and so the second is essentially a tidying up of the first so as to make it more presentable and comprehensible.

I hope this clarification will help you to respond to my enquiry. I fully recognise that you are very busy people with vital work to do but I feel there are important points raised here at a time when there is increasing public anxiety. That, against a political backdrop in which those involved, while arguably excessively analytical on the way forward, could seem to many also somewhat unwordly and even blase about the risks to our national security and the public in its stances.

Kindest regards, and yours sincerely,

Jeremy Harrison

MDP-FOI-DP (MULTIUSER), Ministry of Defence Police

Good Morning

Thank you for your email which has been logged as a FOI request under our reference 2019/10614 and the target date for response is 11/10/2019.

Yours sincerely

MDP Sec Freedom of Information Office

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