This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Asbestos survey report for Stratford Market Depot'.

Your right to appeal   
If you are dissatisfied with the way TfL has handled your information request, you can ask us to 
conduct an internal review of our decision. The internal review will be conducted by someone who 
was not involved in the processing of your original request, in accordance with the complaints 
procedure published on our website at 
Requests for internal review should be addressed to:  
Information Access Team 
Information Governance 
4th  Floor,  
5 Endeavour Square,  
E20 1JN 
Complaints to the Information Commissioner  
If, following the internal review, you remain dissatisfied with the way TfL has handled your request, 
then you can take your complaint to:  
Information Commissioner’s Office  
Wycliffe House  
Water Lane  
SK9 5AF  
A complaint form is available on the Information Commissioner’s Office website at .