Asbestos in water pipe distribution network - inquiry

Ms Katharine Quarmby made this Environmental Information Regulations request to Cambridge Water Company plc as part of a batch sent to 25 authorities
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The request was successful.

Ms Katharine Quarmby

Dear Cambridge Water Company plc,

I am writing to you under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 to make the following request.

1. Please supply me with the percentage of asbestos cement pipes (ACM) in your water company distribution network, also expressing the figures in kilometres.

E.g. "Water company x has 20% of ACM pipes in its network, which accounts for 1,000km out of a network of 5,000km."

2. Also the dates of when the ACM pipes were installed in your network to the nearest five years, where the information is available. E.g, "Water company x has 20% of water pipes in its network, with 50% installed from 1950-1960, and a further 50% installed from 1961-1971".

3. How many of those ACM pipes have failed from 2017-2021 and a brief description of the incident (s).

Yours faithfully,

Ms Katharine Quarmby