Asbestos in hospitals

Catrin Hughes made this Freedom of Information request to Birmingham Children's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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The request was successful.

Dear Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust,

This is a Freedom of Information request for the following information. Please provide me with;
1. A list of the hospitals and related buildings in your trust that contain asbestos in surveys carried out over the last ten years. Please include the following
A. Building name
B. Address
C. Type and degree of asbestos present
D. Whether it poses a health risk to staff and/or patients.
2. The date and outcome of the last independent audit, survey or inspection of each of these hospitals and their related buildings.
3. The details of any reported incidents of asbestos exposure in these hospitals between 2011 and 2016.
4. The number of hospital employees or patients that have pursued a claim against you for exposure to asbestos within your trust’s hospital buildings
5. The number of these claims that have been settled.
6. The amount of money that has been paid in settlement of these claims (with and without your authority accepting responsibility).
I would like to receive a copy of this information electronically.
Please send me an email to confirm receipt of this request.

Yours faithfully,

Catrin Hughes


Please accept this email as formal acknowledgement of your request for information dated 14th February.

This request will be processed in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and unless you are otherwise informed, your request will be processed within a maximum of twenty working days from receipt, which in this case was 14th February.

At this moment we are unaware of any fees, charges or exemptions likely to be applied to your request. However, if during the course of processing your application it becomes clear that fees will apply, we will inform you of this. In the event that costs are applicable, no information will be provided unless the costs are paid within three months of us informing you. In the event that some or all of the information you have requested is exempt from disclosure, we will inform you of this.

We will also contact you if during the process it emerges that we do not have sufficient detail to locate the information or we are unclear exactly what it is that you have requested.

In the meantime if you wish to discuss any aspect of your request please feel free to contact us at this email address.

Yours sincerely

FOI Lead/Publicaton Scheme Co-ordinator

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The response to your recent request is attached. We apologise for the delay in responding to you and trust that the attached fulfils your request.


FOI Lead/Publication Scheme Co-ordinator

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