Asbestos in Domestic/residential properties owned by or managed by Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing

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Andrew J Killingbeck

Dear Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing,
Following the end of World War 2, many new homes/ houses were built by councils all over the country. Many of these were of "Non-Standard Construction &/or Prefabricated Reinforced Concrete (PRC) properties".
Asbestos or products containing asbestos was used in many of these constructions.
Asbestos was only finally banned in 1999 – however few people realise it is present in about half of all residential properties
1/ Can you please supply a list of all domestic/residential construction types (Standard, Non Standard/ Pre fabricated) that are known to contain asbestos, which are owned by or managed by Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing

2/ The locations within those properties (construction) types where asbestos is known or expected to be found. (copies of owner/occupier data, or information sheets are acceptable)

3/ A list of all the postcodes of such properties.

Yours faithfully,

Andrew J Killingbeck

Thank you for your email.


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Good afternoon

Thank you for your email.

There is a formal process for Freedom of Information Requests. Please see the link for further information.

Kind regards

Choosenmove Team

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As requested, a request via their formal process was submitted on 14th Aug, so a reply should be expected by 14th Sept