Arrests in Schools

The request was refused by Greater Manchester Police.

Hi there,

I am writing to you under the Freedom of Information Act.

1. Please could you disclose the number of arrests made by your police force in schools of a) students and b) staff in the calendar years 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020?

2. Please could you disclose the ethnicity of those arrested in each of the above years?

3. Please could you disclose the number of charges that were made as a result of those arrest in each of the above years (if any), including what the charges were?

4. Please could you disclose the ethnicity of those charged in each of the above years?

Ruby Lott-Lavigna

Dear Greater Manchester Police,

I am writing to you as my request has been delayed. By law, you should have responded promptly and by 20 April 2021. Please could you provide me with an update on my FOI.

Yours faithfully,

Ruby Lott-Lavigna

Greater Manchester Police

Good afternoon

I apologise for the delays that you are experiencing in relation to your recent request for information from Greater Manchester Police under the Freedom of Information Act.

We are still awaiting the information to be provided you ourselves from the relevant area of the Force, this information has been chased and management informed.

As soon as the information is provided this will be assessed and forwarded on to yourself.


Amanda Ratcliffe
Performance & Communications Officer

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Dear Greater Manchester Police,

There is now a significant delay to my request. Please could you provide me with an update?

Ruby lott-Lavigna

Greater Manchester Police

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Please find attached the response to your request made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.


Amanda Ratcliffe
Information Compliance & Records Management Assistant
Information Compliance & Records Management Unit
Greater Manchester Police
Openshaw Complex
Lawton Street
M11 2NS

Tel - 0161 856 2531
Howard Building, Sedgely Park, Prestwich
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