Army Cadet Force - King George VI Memorial Course - Promotion to Sergeant Major Instructor or Acting Captain - Further information - Ref: FOI09051/79406/10/05

The request was partially successful.

Dear Ministry of Defence,

In a response to your reference: FOI09051/79406/10/05 it was stated that "Under Section 16 (Advice and Assistance) of the Act you may find it helpful to note that further information, on the details of the KGVI Leadership Course will be published in due course, once they have been finalised. This may cover the information you have requested."

Please provide me with the details of the person, people, or agency to whom representations can be made by me and other Cadet Force Adult Volunteers to ensure that "Grandfather Rights" are granted and preserved in formulating the policy for the KGVI memorial course.

I require an email address, telephone number and postal address of that person or agency together with the details of their immediate line manager.

Yours faithfully,

TR Matthews

Dear Ministry of Defence,

Please action this request. A response is due today.

Yours faithfully,

TR Matthews

Army Sec-&Group (MULTIUSER),

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Dear Mr Mathews,


Please see attached in response to your FOI request.




Army Secretariat




Dear Ministry of Defence

I am disappointed to note that my request has not been adequately completed.

I requested details of the individual and their line manager to whom representations can be made. However I was provided with a generic mailbox.

Please now provide the information requested.

Yours faithfully,

TR Matthews

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