Dear Ministry of Defence,

Please treat this request for information in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

All Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAVs) recently received a letter from the Army Cadet Force Association (ACFA) dated 13th June 2017 outlining the support that the ACFA can offer CFAVs. Within this letter the ACFA confirmed that CFAVs benefit from Legal Help Insurance.

That insurance consists of the following:

1) A 24 hour Legal Helpline. By calling 0845 293 0695 a Solicitor will contact the CFAV within working hours. Outside of working hours the CFAV will be put through to a Duty Solicitor.
2) Cover for offences against the person
3) Arrest assistance up to a value of £1,000 for any one claim - no excess
4) Criminal Prosecution up to a value of £100,000 for anyone one claim. A £1,000 excess applies
5) Inquest Representation up to a value of £100,000 for anyone one claim. A £1,000 excess applies

I understand that the cover is subject to the restriction that there be a "reasonable prospect of success" in defending the allegation

I would be grateful if The Ministry of Defence could confirm the following:

1) Which Solicitors firm or firms are contracted to provide the legal assistance?
2) If a CFAV chooses to appoint their own Solicitor will the cost of that representation be covered by the policy?
3) Is there an exclusion of cover if there is not a "reasonable prospect of success" in defending the allegation?
4) If the answer to point 3) is "yes", how is this reconciled with the presumption of innocence?
5) Does the policy cover the costs of making an appeal to a Higher Court?
6) If a CFAV chooses to make a claim against the policy, when is the excess due?
7) Will the excess paid by the CFAV be refunded in the event of being found "Not Guilty" in England, Wales and Northern Ireland or "Not Guilty" and "Not Proven" in Scotland?
8) How many CFAVs have claimed against this policy in the past 5 years?
9) Will the full details of the CFAVs instructions to the firm and the advice of the firm be disclosed to the ACFA and Ministry of Defence?

I look forward to receiving a timely and concise response in accordance with the sprit of The Act.

Yours faithfully,

T R Matthews

People-Sec-FOI Mailbox (MULTIUSER),

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Please see attached response to your recent FOI request.


Many thanks,


Defence People Secretariat

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